Paths to Wonderland Design x Casetify: Phone Cases for All the Wonder-Lovers!

Image source: Casetify

Hey guys! Just a quick post today to update you on one of the most exciting projects to come to Wonderland yet!

Earlier this summer I was contacted by Casetify about designing phone cases for their artist’s collection and I am happy to report that my collection is up and ready to go on their website! Seeing my silly little designs come to life into a real line of products is unbelievably exciting, and gets me so psyched about all the design dreams dancing around my head.

Casetify as a brand has some super hip technology with their transparent/printed cases and interchangeable backs, and allows you to customize away if my designs alone don’t cut it for you. Plus, there is work from a ton of other artists up on their site, and Casetify does an amazing job of promoting these small designers, which is such a blessing for those like me trying to get their work out there!

As  for the designs themselves, the first handful of cases were directly inspired by the digital fruit salad party I held earlier this summer. (Did I mention all the free downloads that went up with that?) I took those designs, infused some watercolor, ombre, and transparency, and optimized those designs for the phone case dimensions.

Peach Pattern // Peach Pun
Strawberry Pattern // Strawberry Pun
Raspberry Pattern // Raspberry Pun
Kiwi Pattern // Kiwi Pun
Cherry Pattern // Cherry Pun
Blueberry Pattern // Blueberry Pun

Following that, I have 5 designs that I made exclusively for the phone case collection, and I really love these too! They are definitely in the sassy, sweet, slightly dorky, and totally pastel spirit of Wonderland. And I got to throw in a little bit of outdated slang on that “hella rad” case, so we are all winning here. (It’s my personal favorite!)

Hot Damn in Magenta + Peach // Hot Damn in Indigo + Lavender
Geometric in Pretty in Pink // Geometric in Oceanic Palette 
Hella Rad Multicolor (see first post image)

Image source: Casetify
Last but not least, I put one of my old favorite designs as a MacBook sleeve, or iPad Cover! I'm potentially looking at revamping a few other Monday in Wonderlands or printables into cases, so let me know what you would like to see!

I will definitely keep adding more designs to this collection as time goes on, but for now I am so so happy with the designs I put together. If you are interested in purchasing a phone case, or think a friend would love one of these designs, you can check out the whole online collection here! And while you are at it, peek around their site and take a gander at all the other gorgeous designs up there. Thanks y’all for all the support always, and I can’t wait to see what fun design projects are in store for Wonderland next!

Which of these designs is your favorite? Are there any of my old designs that you’d like to have on a  phone case of your very own?

Stay lovely,

**For full disclosure, I am paid a small artist’s fee for every one of my designs that is sold. I am insanely appreciative of this perk, but am sponsored by Casetify in no other way. As usual, I would never promote a product or service to you that I do not fully appreciate and intend to use.

Still a skeptic? Stay tuned for my review of the physical Casetify product in the near future! That is, once I decide what phone to replace my current, somewhat crippled one with…**