Cucumber-Fennel Salad with Creamy Meyer Lemon Dressing

So this is new, isn't it? Even the title of this post seems a little different! I mean, I've only ever "cooked" things for this blog with exorbitant amounts of sugar or refined grains before! And I don't blame you if you're thinking "where is the old, sweet toothed and simple Corin, and can we get her back with all our sugar, please?"

Now never fear, I still eat pasta and cookies like they are going out of style. Like any adult though, (ha, I'm not an adult) I have been trying some new things too ! I got involved with an amazing organization at A&M that grows their own produce right on campus and practices some legit sustainability, including using rain barrels and having their own, off-the-grid, completely solar powered building made from reclaimed wood! Needless to say, I am very very impressed, and being a part of this organization is awakening my middle-school-self, who wore World Wildlife Fund t-shirts at least once a week and pestered her family endlessly about recycling. (To find out more about this organization, known as Howdy Farm, click here.)

Anyway, I wrote a tasty recipe over on their blog using fresh (literally picked right in front of me) produce and Greek yogurt! I even incorporated fennel, which I had never seen prior to a week ago! (For the record, it tastes mildly like licorice. I don't like licorice, but somehow I love this vegetable/herb.) It's a citrusy and sweet cucumber salad, and pretty fabulous if I do say so myself.

Fennel and Cucumber Salad with Meyer Lemon

3-6 seedless snacking cucumbers (depending on size)
Juice and zest from 1 Meyer lemon
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
2 tbs milk
1 tsp sugar
2 tbs chopped fennel leaves
1 thinly sliced fennel stalk (optional)

For the rest of the recipe, check out the Howdy Farm blog!

Have you ever bought or grown your own fresh produce? What did you make with it?!

Stay lovely,

Liebster Award!

Hello everyone! I don’t do many “chatting about me” type of posts, but I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award! I’ve done a post similar to this with the Versatile Blogger Award, and though they are a little out of my comfort zone, posts like this are a great way to meet and interact with new bloggers! Think of it like speed dating, except I’m answering these questions for the whole internet! We can still see if we have anything in common though, right guys?

So if you haven’t heard of the Liebster award, the rules I was provided with go like this:
-Mention the person who nominated you
-Answer the eleven questions this person gave you
-Come up with eleven new questions yourself
-Nominate eleven bloggers
-Let them know about the nomination

So for starters, I am more than happy to shout out to the lovely Katie who nominated me! She is adorable and sweet and has been so supportive of my blog, and if you haven’t stopped by her blog, you totally should! I think I actually online-met her the last time I did a post like this, so maybe I’ll make some new pals this time around too!

Okay so, yes, the questions:

1.  What's the one place you really want to travel to?
One thing you may not know about me is that I am a geek for the great outdoors. I grew up taking little camping trips with my family, and so I would be cool with traveling just about anywhere with good hiking trails and beautiful scenery!

Within the states, I’d probably say Oregon, mostly because of Alisa Burke’s beautiful snapshots of it, but internationally, Austria or Brazil would be hella cool. (See, I’m so excited that I am trying to use slang to express it!)

2. What’s your favorite book you’ve read?
Sadly, nowadays I mostly only read books if I have to for school (ie: textbooks), simply because of time and my Netflix addiction! However, my senior year of high school I read Beloved by Toni Morrison, and it was one of the most beautifully written and deeply moving books I’ve opened. It’s by no means an easy or light read, but the author’s storytelling, with everything from her movement of the plot to the words she uses, is just so incredibly enchanting. It gives a heartbreaking look into the mental toll of slavery, and the love of a mother for her children, and I am running out of words to describe this book.

Throughout high school, I really got into books with beautiful command of language rather than a fluffy teen storyline. (No offense to some of my old favorites, I promise!) I am currently working on reading (very slowly) Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert—I will let you all know how it goes! So far it is beautiful!

3. What’s your favorite blog post that you’ve written?
The very first one I published—it was my very first Monday in Wonderland!! Whenever I read it, it reminds me exactly why I started blogging, and I still love the art I put together to go along with it. I also chatted a little about my very best friend in there, and reading it again makes me both miss her and remember how lucky I am to have her as my friend. AND, she’s in town for this weekend! *Starts humming “Reunited”*

4. Do people ever mistake you for being younger or older than you actually are?
This one is kind of funny for me, because I actually get both. Typically, people think I am younger if they just see me, but once they interact with me, they assume I’m older. I guess I look pretty young but act mature. What’s even funnier is that I have both an older and younger sister, and have been asked if I’m twins with each of them several times, despite the fact that I am 3 years apart from each of them!

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I don’t wanna get all ranty on you guys, so I am going to go with disorganized PowerPoints and advertisements, especially when they feature misspelling and poor grammar! I guess it’s my inner designer speaking, but there are so many things in this world that could be so much more aesthetically pleasing with just a little education, effort, and a watchful eye. I just want the world to be more beautiful is all!

6. What is your go-to outfit at the moment?
The second it starts warming up outside, I pretty much live in high-waisted shorts! They are really one of my closet staples to be honest. During the winter, I’ll wear them with tights, and now that it’s already 80° F (thanks, Texas), they get to shine all on their own once again!

I have also been loving quirky “ringer tees” lately, like this patriotic one or this unicorn top I just purchased. I’ve always been a little over-the-top with my outfit choices, but newer, simple, 90’s-inspired pieces and college itself have been having a big influence on my style. I love that I get to bring a little color and weirdness to my outfits with simple tops that I can get dressed in super quickly. (I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I wear PJs up until the 15 minutes before I walk out the door!)

TLDR (Too long, didn’t read): High-waisted shorts and vintage-inspired tees.

7. Share with us a blogger you've recently discovered and are really liking?
Although my posts are never really without color, some of my recent blog obsessions are far more minimalist! I am in love with Me and Orla, written by the gorgeous (inside and out) Sara Tasker, and cannot get enough of Shayla Lillian’s glowing photography over at Golden Years. Love from Berlin also has some amazing posts on conscious living, which is something entirely new and interesting to me. Never fear though—the obnoxious quantities of pastel color will not be leaving my Wonderland any time soon!

8. Coffee or Tea?
I actually try to avoid both, because caffeine does not have the best effect on me. However, after really late nights, I usually opt for milk and sugar with a little coffee mixed in there. What can I say, I’m just not one for super strong flavors! In fact, even when I drink southern-style sweet iced tea, I mix it half with unsweet tea or else its too overpowering for me!

9. Are you more of a morning or evening person?
This semester, most of my classes fall in the afternoon, so I’ve adopted the terrible habit of becoming a little bit nocturnal! I do my best work after 8pm for some crazy reason, and have been known to favor a midnight, mid-study snack. Netflix also tends to get started late at night, so that tells you a bit about my time management.

10. If you could meet anyone and spend a day with them, who would it be?
Nerdy/practical answer: The blogging crew behind Studio DIY or A Beautiful Mess. I adore both of those blogs, and would absolutely love to see what a day behind the scenes for them is like. Although I’m currently going through an “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE” kind of stage, (sorry, no more nursing school ahead) I admire bloggers such as those guys for making their dreams of creative business a reality!

Silly answer: James Corden’s proposed #squadgoals for Adele, from carpool karaoke. This squad would feature Adele herself, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, and Emma Stone. And that would probably be the most hilarious day of my life.

11. What's your favorite song at the moment? (Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one!)
-I really love Stressed Out by twenty one pilots because it is so #relatable.
-I frequently jam to Love Yourself by Justin Beiber.
-Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At the Disco gets blasted in my car almost every day. Really, the entirety of Panic’s recent album is unstoppable.
-Okay, last one: Aquaman by Walk the Moon. I’ve loved this song for months, and it just makes me so happy to listen to!

So that’s a lot of drawn-out nonsense about me. Think of it as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s hysterical pre-award banter, ok?! I mean, I know I’ll never be near as hilarious as them, but I’d like to think that maybe you weren’t totally bored reading that… Now, the nominations are:

Angelina (Angelina Is)
Anne (Anne Smiles)
Francesca (Bella Momento)
Jen (Amusings and Beauty) (technically this is a YouTube channel but I love this girl, so let me be, ok?)

And your questions, my dear nominees?

1.What is your favorite quote at the moment?
2. Name an album/artist or two that you dance to like no one is watching.
3. What is one the one TV series that you tell all your friends they should watch?
4. Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know!
5. What’s the last thing you made with your own two hands?
6. Do you even lift… cookies to your mouth? (What’s your favorite flavor of cookie?)
7. Awkward turtle or social butterfly?
8. Come up with (or find online) a nerdy pick-up line that could potentially actually work on you.*
9. Describe 3 things that you absolutely love about yourself!
10. Include a picture that represents you in a unique way! (No, it cannot be a selfie with a weird snapchat filter.)
11. Who is your spirit Disney character and why?

*My favorite pickup line is: Are you my appendix? Because I don’t understand how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.

So, will I be making any new friends in this round of blabbing about myself? Let me know if we have anything in common, and leave a link so I can find future nominees! (I’m only kind of trying to buy your friendship...)

Stay lovely,

Wonderland Updates + "Somebunny to Love" Easter Wallpapers and Printables

We will very quickly get to this adorable wallpaper, but I first wanted to give you a update on things here in Wonderland!

First of all, this is the second week I've missed a Monday in Wonderland! (Even though I tried to pull one over on you last week by posting super early Tuesday :P) If you've been reading since the beginning, you know that I've never missed one before! I really enjoy these posts, but I've gotten away from my original intention of them, which was to create a positive doodle and some peppy rambling, in favor of getting out something every single week. I want to rework this feature so that when it comes around more sparingly, it is as I originally imagined it to be! Now don't worry, I will still make lots of free downloads, I just won't include them as a "Monday in Wonderland" unless they have the positivity purpose! And they have to be prepared early enough to actually be posted on Monday...

Speaking of quality, I'm going to be transitioning this space to have fewer, but better, posts. I've been pushing myself to post at least 3 times per week, and considering my hectic schedule, increased blogging perfectionism as of late, and overzealous projects, doing such was becoming way more stressful than necessary. I want my blog to be fun and not an extra stressor on my life, and I want the content I produce to really shine! And so welcome to the new, less frequent, but more fancy wonderland!

Okay, so now on to the wallpapers! Same as my St. Patrick's version of this post, I have illustrations for your computer, iPhone or Android! I also made printable cards in color, as well as black and white, because color printers are mean sometimes.


I really enjoy making these punny holiday doodles for you guys, so expect bad (and possibly adorable) puns for every holiday! Do you know of any fun Easter puns? Also, if these wallpapers are the wrong size for your devices, leave me a comment and I can resize them for you!

Stay lovely,

PS: For more free text art, subscribe to my emailing list! You'll get exclusive things for being quite so lovely!

DIY Golden Peep Piñata

One of the most fun things about DIY blogging is making an unnecessarily large deal out of every holiday. I mean, I usually completely forget about St. Patrick’s Day (and get ruthlessly pinched by my sister), but this year I made wallpapers AND mocktails. And now that St. Patrick’s Day is passed, we are on to a little bit of Easter celebration before next weekend rolls around! I probably should’ve been doing these things about a month ago, but whatever, I’ve never been one to purchase my Christmas decorations at Halloween anyway!

Now on to the DIY. I love seeing all the fun piñatas people make for various holiday parties, throwback adventures, and the like. Even though they're a little time consuming, these piñatas are super easy and add a pretty lovely dose of whimsical fun! (I also had to make it gold, because I kind of have a thing with shiny stuff!) And yes, I will be hanging these in the kitchen or living room. That’s holiday décor at its finest I think!

You will need:
Corrugated cardboard
Box cutter (or craft knife)
Masking tape
Gold tissue paper
Mod Podge (or a mixture of white glue and water if you prefer)

Step 1
Cut out 2 bunny shapes from cardboard. I did this by printing an online clip art image, tracing one bunny, then cutting it out and using it to trace the other so that they end up the same, simply because some curves are easier than others for a box cutter to handle. Make sure to use a lot of pressure when cutting, and if it doesn’t go all the way through, you can always cut a little from the back.

Also, for a size reference, the small bunny was as large as I could print on one piece of paper, and the larger bunny was as large as I could split the design on 3 pages. This was my source for the image! Thank you search engines. Seriously, what would we crafty people do without them?

Step 2
Cut strips of cardboard perpendicular to the corrugation, so that it will be able to bend and fold around curves. I used a 1 1/4" wide strip for the tiny bunny, and a 2” wide strip for the larger.

Step 3
Use masking tape to attach the strip around the edge of one of the bunny cut-outs. Make sure to use a lot of it at any corners to really tack those folds in the cardboard strip in place.

Step 4
Now secure the second bunny shape on top of the cardboard border. It may not be exactly the same size as the first bunny and border itself, so use multiple strips of masking tape next to one another to make the edge smooth.

Step 5
Cover the edges of the piñata with strips of gold tissue paper, using the Mod Podge to stick it down. I did this by pasting the tissue paper to the upright edge of the piñata with half of it hanging over, cutting slits in the unattached portion, then folding that down and pasting it in place on the front of the pinata. Repeat with a second strip, folding this one over to the "back" of the piñata, and add a strip down the center so that everything is covered.

Step 6
Now cut fringed strips to decorate the piñata with. Mine were typically about 1 1/2" wide, and I layered several strips and folded them so that cutting the fringe would be faster. (If I get serious about making holiday piñatas though, I would probably invest in fringe scissors!)

Step 7
Begin by gluing a wide, solid strip of gold paper to the front of the piñata, using Mod Podge. Then, work your way up, attaching fringed pieces of tissue paper in rows. You will want to make the strips slightly longer than the width of the piñata so that they can better fit its shape later. Also, don’t be afraid to finish one strip and start another in the same row. The tops of each strip will be covered so you can’t see the transition.

Step 8
Finish with narrow, solid strips of tissue paper at the tops of the ears to make it look clean and finished.

Step 9
Trim the excess tissues paper hanging off the edges of the piñata, and fold any extraneous paper over the edges if necessary. You can tack it down with Mod Podge to make everything a little cleaner.

If areas with steep curves, such as between the ears, you can glue the fringe in place before trimming, in case the top of the strip is cut off during trimming.

Step 10
Repeat steps 6-9 on the other side of the piñata.

Step 11
Add mini pompoms to make the eyes and nose on the Peep! I tried both brown and black, and ended up liking the dark brown better. You can also add a large white pompom to the "back" side of the piñata to make a fluffy bunny tail (which I regrettably forgot to snap a picture of)!

To hang the piñata:
Use awl or sharp object to punch two holes between the ears of the Peep piñata. Then, cut a piece of thick string or thin rope to the appropriate length (I eyeballed this), and wrap a piece of Scotch tape around each end of it. Insert a dot of hot gule into one of the holes, and push end taped end of the string through until you cannot see the tape. Between the hot glue and the snug fit of the string, this should hold your piñata hanger in place. Repeat with the other end of the string.

And if you would like to add candy, you can cut a hole at the top of the bunny, probably atop one of the ears, fill the piñata, and tissue paper the gap closed.

I am actually really happy that I made a small Peep first, then decided to go bigger,so that I have a little Peep family. If they don’t end up hanging in that living room, a centerpiece or spot on the fireplace mantle might be an amazing way to display these cuties-they actually stand on their own believe it or not! (Flatten out the bottom of your template if you are unsure your template will make that happen!)

Now while this is by far the easiest piñata-making method (papier-mâché is always such a huge mess for me), I have seen a lot of other techniques that may be fun for otter piñata shapes!

What’s your opinion on novelty, holiday piñatas? Want me to make more? (All gold, of course :P)

Stay lovely,

"Procrastibaking" Print + Adventures in Gold Foil Toner Transfer

Left click to download

This Monday in Wonderland, apparently I was set to go all out. Not only did I doodle up a print that I’ve been dreaming of making for a while, but I also put some gold foil transfer to the test!

Now firstly, this printable really speaks to my heart, because I am such a “procrastibaker!” Whenever I’m really stressed and busy, making pancakes, cookies or cake is one of my favorite ways to relax. Fresh-baked bread would also be AMAZING to make on those overwhelming days! Regardless, this is both good and bad for me. Good, because I need to protect my mental health and I need to eat, and bad because there goes another hour without my to-do list making any process. At least compared to Netflix-binging, baking has you on your feet and creating. I support procrastibaking as one of the finest  forms of procrastination.

This gold foil attempt though—it did not leave much time for procrastination at all! I ended up getting it to work pretty well through testing a lot of different tutorials. In the end, here’s what I did:

You will need
A toner (or “laser”) printer
Gold transfer foil
An iron
Press cloth

Print your design onto the cardstock, turning up the quality of the print if possible. On a hard surface, cover all the parts you want gold-foiled with the gold foil shiny-side up, and use an iron to heat press. Make sure to lay a press cloth or additional piece of computer paper over top of the print and foil, and iron for at least 30 seconds, using lots of pressure and paying special attention to ironing the edges, pressing in the same spot for about 5 seconds at a time. Using a small towel or old shirt, rub back and forth across the page to press the design down, with the cover sheet still on top. After this, I ran the iron over the paper one more time for good measure.

Let cool COMPLETELY (I waited an agonizing 10 minutes), then gently peel up the excess foil, leaving only the gold over the design. Frame and hang if desired!

Regular printer paper as opposed to white cardstock worked best for me, unlike some of the tutorials I read. I also used the same deco foil as in my Gold Textured Bathroom Sign and Nostalgic Key Hooks. I think it works much better with the designated adhesives rather than the toner, so perhaps a different gold transfer foil would better suit your project! There are so many wonderful brands out there, so if you’re serious about foiling, experimenting may be well worth it! I honestly just chose this one because I had it on hand, and it’s pretty inexpensive. Also, I wouldn’t try to fill in any spots that don’t stick the first time by foiling over them again as you would normally do with the adhesives for this foil product—it just tends to smear the toner!

Have you had any luck with this gold-foiling technique? And are you a “procrastibaker” like me?

Stay lovely,

Fizzy Guava Limeade (A St. Patrick's Day Mocktail!)

A few of the bloggers I follow on Instagram recently made a whole party's worth of St. Patrick’s Day cocktails, and I thought it looked so SO fun! Now, I can’t drink yet, but I at least like to pretend I could be the Apartment Bartender! Nothin’ wrong with spicin’ up your limeade, right? And especially if I add a little garnish or two, this drink just makes me feel so fancy and grown up!

Now, this is definitely not specifically St. Patrick’s, but I figured that the colors work well AND it’s super tasty, even for the non-drinkers out there. It’s also extremely customizable, because it is essentially a thick syrup, some store bought limeade, and just a touch of ginger ale. So customize away! But maybe you need the actually recipe before you can do that…

(But first, this backdrop: doilies from my Thanksgiving table runner + glitter scrapbook paper from my Valentine's backdrop + a repurposed Christmas tree garland. Don't you love it? I mean, I do A LOT! Yay for repurposing your craft supplies!)

Fizzy Guava Limeade (makes 5-6 drinks)

4 guavas
1 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
Limeade (I used Simply brand)
Ginger ale

To make the syrup component, wash your guavas, cut off the ends or any bruised sections, and cut them guavas in half. Combine with HALF of the water (1/2 cup) in a food processor.  Strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer, using the back of a spoon to push it through a little (it’s essentially a puree at this stage), but being careful not to force through any seeds.

Add the extracted juice, the other 1/2 cup of the water, and the sugar to blender, and blend until well combined. This is your “kind-of-a-syrup” base for the drink.

Stir together equal parts of this syrup and limeade and pour into a pretty glass! (Yes, the glass must be pretty. That is a requirement of this recipe.) Then pour a little ginger ale on top (probably about an ounce). The ginger ale will add a pretty, fizzy touch to the beverage, and adds just a little more complexity to the final flavor!

So whaddya think, can you customize it now?

To get this vivid green color, I added some green food dye to the “syrup” before mixing the rest of the beverage. I love the fun touch all the color adds, not to mention the rim of gold sprinkles, but if you want to go classy, add just a slice of lime instead. We also had white flesh guavas, which produced a pale yellow drink without any dye added. So for me, the green color worked nicely, but if your guavas are pink, GO PINK! (Seriously, I would be so jealous.) I’m pretty sure the St. Patrick’s Day color scheme includes rainbows now anyway.

Do you have any nifty drinks you’ve crafted lately? Don’t worry, I’ll pass on the alcoholic ones to my older sister! ;)

Stay lovely,

PS: Need more drinks for your party? Try some Strawberry Rose Lemonade Punch, or keep it simple with Sweet and Sour Shirley Temples!

Snapshots // 1

I’ve been trying to bring more beautiful and inspiring things into my life lately, and this is a little collection of those things! Most of these pictures are from recent trips ‘round town with my lovely roommate/sister,because downtown full of lovely antique stores. Also, I've been buying lots of cheap flowers. I hope all this brightens your week too! *kisses*

Stay lovely,

St. Patrick's Day Wallpapers and Printable Stationary

Whoops, late Monday again! Oh well, plan A for Monday in Wonderland was a flop this week (and would’ve been up this morning, mind you), so here is plan B, which I honestly love so much more! Since St. Patty’s day is in t-minus 10 days, I wanted to make something you could use to remind you of the holiday! Or if nothing else, something that you could show people on your phone screen and maybe they would be merciful and not pinch you!

I decided to up the ante too by making this little wallpaper to fit your computer, phone, and even a little card printable! AND you can print the card with either the watercolor background or, if your printer hates you like mine does, on black and white! (From which you will obviously add the watercolor, because you can never have too much watercolor, I think.) Then, just flirt your way through St. Patrick’s Day! (Or bribe. Like attach the card to a chocolate bar kind of bribe. That would work on me…)

Anyway, don’t forget your green next Thursday babes!

Stay lovely,

PS: If you need watercolor backgrounds, try this absolutely lovely website! (That’s where I got this one.)

PPS: Have you signed up for my email list yet? Did I mention you get exclusive downloads for doing so? Just saying, bribery can be good stuff…

How to: Gold-Foil and Watercolor Text Art Without Photoshop (+ Freebies!)

Not only have I spent an excess of time lately designing my blog, I have also been playing with graphic design a little more. Much like my blog layout, I felt as if my Monday in Wonderlands have been lacking a little in love and care, and so I resolved to right that horrendous wrong! Oh, and I have more free things for you because I love you! (If that’s all you want, it’s near the bottom of the post!)

I found this watercolor text art tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, We Lived Happily Ever After, but it uses Photoshop, which I am currently saving up for/comparison shopping with Elements! So instead, I wondered if I could throw something together with similar masking techniques using things already had on my computer and/or free internet tools, And ended up with the images you see above! Wanna know how I did it?

I used Microsoft Word 2013, Paint, PicMonkey and this Free Online Photo Editor, which I found in a Google search. I know that sounds a little sketchy, but for my purposes it worked amazingly! You also should be able to use an earlier version of Word, I just can’t direct you to exactly where all the buttons will be, but they shouldn’t be too hard to find!

Ready to make somethin’ pretty?

Step 1
Do a quick google search find a gold gradient and texture that you like (this was my source). It doesn’t even have to be your ideal color, because you can always adjust the cast, saturation, and even tint. Save this image in a name and place where you will be able to find it, and make any edits you want to in the editing program of your choice.

You will also need to pick a background image! I suggest something relatively light and not too busy for this. You can download some free painted backgrounds I made for ya, or make your own with craft supplies, creativity, and a cell phone camera! (#collegestudentprobs #dreamingofDSLR)

Step 2
The next step is to find a font for your art. You can use one you already have, or use a free online service such as Font Squirrel to download something you love. (Again, I have never had issues with this site downloading or installing anything I didn’t want, but I can't speak for any other sites.) To use a font from online, download it, open the folder, and double click on the file that has the font name, which should open up a new window. Click install in the upper left corner, and you’re in business!

I actually used almost all Font Squirrel fonts, including Edo, Porcelain, Windsong, and Amatic!

Step 3
Open and new word document and select insert > word art (top right). I would suggest picking the third icon if you are in Office ‘13, because it doesn’t have any shadowing. Type your desired text in the font of your choosing and make it as large as it will fit on one page. Change the fill and outline colors to black under “Drawing Tools>Format.”

Step 4
Right-click on the edge of the box around your text and select copy from the drop down menu. Then open Paint and select paste in the upper right hand corner.

Step 5
The white background in Paint will likely be bigger than the text you pasted in. You can either click "crop" right after pasting, so that your text will fill up the page, or create white space around the text. To do this, click on the small box in the lower right hand corner of the white background, and drag it out to create a larger white space. Then press select in the toolbar, click and drag create a box around your text, and click within that box to slide the text around and center it. When you like the centering of your text, save the image.

If you choose to incorporate multiple fonts, you can either copy and paste each Word Art box separately into Paint, or you can arrange it within word, make it as big as possible (including collapsing the tool bars and everything!), and screenshot your computer screen. You then paste that into Paint and crop from there.

Step 6
Go to PicMonkey, and pick the edit function. Open the image with black text that you just saved in Paint. From the icons in the far left, select texture (second from the bottom). Click “your own” at the top of the list, then “open my texture.” Select your gold image that you saved earlier, and change the “blend mode” to “screen.” I usually adjust the “fade” slider to 0% at this stage, but I wouldn’t suggest changing the saturation just yet! You can adjust the coloring of the whole image in just a second!

Step 7
Still within textures, click “your own” and “open my texture” once again. This time, import your background image, and leave the blend mode on “multiply.” You will see your pretty background with that gorgeous gold text sitting right on top! At this point, I typically move the “fade” slider up a little bit (to around 35%), and then click “apply.” After this, I would go back to the “basic edits” menu, and do a few more tweaks with exposure and colors, since the texture feature dulls the background image a little.

Step 8
Save that gorgeous masterpiece you made! And show it off to your friends who spent all that money on Photoshop! (Honestly, I’m just jealously bitter, don’t mind me.)

Now remember that other site I linked at the beginning of this post? That one is really useful if you want to get rid of the little bit of background color that shows through the letters with the “texture” function on PicMonkey, because this free editor allows you to add transparency! (Ooooooh… Ahhhhh.) The downside of this is that you will probably need to use a font with solid lines rather than a paintbrush style for it to work really well. You will also notice a a very very slight border around the edge of your letters, which for my purposes was a-okay! (Free is free after all!)

To use it, repeat steps 1-6, then upload your file with the gold text to this other editor. From there, you can select the “wizard” tab, and select the “transparency” function. Click anywhere there is white in the image, including the centers of letters, and that area will become transparent. Then save in the upper left corner. I use the “save local” option, and it downloads right to my computer.

Open your textured image in PicMonkey, and add it on top of your background with “Overlay > Your Own” in PicMonkey. It basically works as a sticker that you can move around and change the size of, which is super fun.

These fun methods of overlay are super customizable, and you can switch up textures, fonts, and fills however it suits you, like I did in the watercolor ones you see above! You can even use it on quotes you drew up yourself, and maybe for a blog header or something?! Just a thought…

Okay so what about the free stuff, right?:
Well, you can download the textures I used as backgrounds here including a couple bonus ones, to make your own art! (Which you should definitely show me should you choose to make it!!!)

You can also get all the text art you see in the first collage image by signing up for my email list! (I mean, I know I basically just told you how to make it, but then again I’m really lazy so this bribery makes sense to me.) I promise not to be that clingy girl that won’t stop talking to you (did I mention that I’m lazy?) AND I’ll send you special goodies every once in a while, just for being the babe that you are ;)

Shameless self-promotion aside, what’s your favorite way to add a little spice to your photos?

Stay lovely,

Other painted textures and all designs created by me!