DIY Merida Costume and Halloween Roundup

Hey guys! I know I've been saying it for the last week and a half but HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (Mostly because today is finally actually Halloween.) I wasn't originally planning to do yet another costume post so last minute, but we put this baby together in just a few hours and it is debatably my favorite of the year! So why the heck not right? Maybe you are even quite the procrastinator (like me)!

So when boy couldn't come to a Halloween party yesterday evening, my backup was obviously a Disney Princess. (Not that I knew which one or if I had enough costume pieces to accomplish that idea.) Then rainy weather, the resultant frizzy hair, and a gorgeous skirt I can't get enough of brought this nonsense to life!

We simply added some gold ribbon to a teal top using a running stitch, tied some tulle around my waist, and made the beautiful buckle with fun foam, scrapbook card-stock, and leftover gold spray paint from both Halloween party decor and Cinderella pumpkins! (Also full of easy, last minute tutorials!) And when I say we, I mean my amazing older sis Sam. I would be costume-less (or failing art history so that I could make a costume) without that wonderful girl!

Oh and combat boots with fallen socks were totally essential with Merida's pretty, sparkly skirt!

As for my hair, it was already pretty voluminous from the 100% humidity of the day, so I just curled a few tiny strands in the very top layer to channel Merida's messy vibe and misted it with orange spray color. Makeup was pretty natural, with the focus on looking flushed in the face and making my eyes all big and Disney-like!

So when Sam and I open our costumery company, we will both brainstorm, she will sew, and I will style hair and do makeup. (In case you didn't know, sewing is not my jam.) You'd come see us, right?

And finally, here's your bonus of all the other fun costumes we threw together this year, some more involved than others! (Links provided for the ones I've blogged about!)

Olive from Easy A (Yes, I know, Sam's a genius.)

Gender-Swapped Little Red Riding Hood

Sultry, Glam Pirate
"Where's the rum gone?"

R and Julie from Warm Bodies

And vintage Minnie Mouse 2 ways!

So, friends, we got a bit carried away with Halloween, but it has been so incredibly fun! In my first costume post, I mentioned not dressing up in 4 years, and boy have I made up for it this October! I'm hoping to plan better next year and get you tutorials earlier so we can all join in on the fun!

I hope you have an amazing and safe Halloween. And eat all the candy for me, okay?

Stay lovely,

PS: In case you’re more into decorations and food than costumes! (Or love all three!)

Speedy (and Glamorous) Halloween Decor and Treats

Hello friends! Happy Halloween! I’ve been offline for the past few days because my sister dearest and I were prepping for a cute little Halloween get together and well… we can get a little carried away with our decorating sometimes! (And then there’s the whole vacuuming and cleanliness nonsense that you have to attend to so your friends don’t think you’re gross!)

Anyway, of course I am here today to show you all the decorations and treats we put together! It’s basically a compilation of last minute projects and speedy sweets in case your party prep is a little behind schedule, as ours always is! Oh, and all the gold and shiny. *heart eyes emoji* (Cue the playlist.)

So food first? Obviously. (Yes, I just answered my own question. That is just how passionate I am about it.)

We used my cake mix cookies recipe in chocolate cake and white cake with mini chocolate chips! And to get fancy (we had to), food dye, gold sprinkles, and this super nifty food-safe Color Mist in gold!

Next up was pumpkin dip, which is basically light, fluffy pumpkin pie filling that is a) perfect for graham crackers and b) seriously addicting. We adapted this recipe by using ½ can (15 oz) pumpkin pie mix (instead of regular canned pumpkin and the spices), 16 oz cool whip, and 1 package vanilla pudding mix! Just mix it all together (and you know that it’s the best of both worlds… childhood.)

And then they were these yummy little cinnamon sugar bites resultant of my failures in the kitchen. I will be sharing the (insanely easy) recipe for those soon!

Last but not least, the amazing Elfin Cheesecake, which was sadly consumed before I could photograph it. Not to worry though, our cake decorating kind of failed anyway, so you aren’t at too much of a loss! (But seriously, make this.)

Okay, okay so now décor! Our key players were a bag of plastic bones spray-painted gold (this paint), my mini Cinderella pumpkins, cheap purple tablecloths, black lace and all manner of nonsensical glass bottles and pretty, creepy goblets. And then I threw flowers and confetti everywhere (basically my life), and Sam made the super cute Wi-Fi password signs! So here is a deluge of photos of all that:

I hope it’s not too late to for you to throw together some fun Halloween décor! Let me know how you have been or will be decorating this year!

Stay lovely, 

Monday in Wonderland: Rejoice

Happy #MondayinWonderland!

Today's doodle was created by my amazing sister dearest based on the theme for an awesome retreat I went on this past weekend! And well. God is good. All the time. ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD. And that is all! <3

Download here

Have an amazing week!

Stay lovely,

"Warm Bodies" R and Julie Couple's Costume

I am a huge sucker for chick flicks. I love watching unlikely characters fall in love and be all cute! I always have and I am so incredibly lucky to say that my silly boyfriend does too (or at the very least he pretends to for my sake)! Plus, how fun is it when your lovestruck characters have to fight off the undead? For those reasons, the second Halloween couple’s costume is R and Julie from Warm Bodies!! (Psst, here’s the first!)

Again, this costume is pretty simple overall, but we had to go more specific on individual pieces to try and match the characters from the movie. Boy’s outfit is basically the same and his gender-swapped little red one, just with the help of some scissors and fake blood. He has a slightly destructed gray t-shirt, jeans, a red hoodie and a zombie face. The emphasis in my costume was on the blue plaid shirt and a secondhand military-style jacket, with a tan tank underneath.

As you can see though, the biggest seller for this costume is the zombie makeup! We used some translucent powder to pale the boy out and red-purple and black smudged eye shadows around the eyes. We also used a really cheap blue eyeliner pencil to add in the veins on “R’s” neck and messed up his hair.

And that’s really all there was to this costume! Now we just have to decide which one to wear on Halloween! Any votes? (Find the other costume here.)

 Let me know which costume you liked better and what your couples, singles, or group costumes will be like this year! I am having such a great time getting into the Halloween spirit!

Stay lovely,

Gender-Swapped Red Riding Hood Couple's Costume

Halloween is just over a week away and guys—I am so excited! I can eat all the Kit-Kats in sight, watch scary Halloween movies (just kidding, I’m a baby), and FINALLY dress up. I haven’t been able to do that since the 8th grade when I was Ke$ha! (Because I was an eighth grade rebel child yo.)

So in the honor of this super-fun holiday, I have a couple presents for you! (I was gonna say 3, but the boy’s cute face is probably a big deal to me only…) I have 2 super cute and totally last-minute potential Halloween couple's costumes! I just think couple's and group costumes are the most fun and, luckily, that boy allows me to indulge in my crazy schemes!

The first of these is a gender-swapped little red riding hood because, well, I’ve been costume deprived for the last 4 years and sometimes it makes you go a little nutso. I concocted this idea after watching an amazing makeup tutorial from one of my YouTube faves FreshBlush! (In case you missed it, I totally have an obsession with makeup tutorials.) She did this video of little red riding hood and the wolf and I just thought that I HAD to be the wolf, so obviously some mixing up was in order.

The costume is pretty simple overall and can be totally adapted as you see fit. The only things that I really think are necessary are the red hoodie (duh) and an identifier for the wolf, whether it’s makeup or little ears.

Just in case you want the specifics though, the boy has jeans, a gray t-shirt, a red plaid button down (to channel the lumberjack a bit), and this red hoodie from Forever21.

As for me, I just collected a black top and skater skirt to be paired with my sister’s fishnets and a cropped fur vest, which she so graciously made me, but you could easily find at a store. (Thank you so much sister dear—I love you! Yeah, she kinda told me to say that but, yes, I do mean it!) She also made the ears with extra craft fur, a headband, and hot glue. And from there, it was just the crazy-gorgeous makeup inspired by this video!

So what do you think? Are y’all getting the red riding hood vibe, or am I just a little crazy? Let me know what you think, how you might change it, (cuz I still have time for suggestions) and if you might try it out yourself!

Stay lovely,

PS: Don’t forget to check out my other couple’s costume (out tomorrow), because this time the boyfriend has to wear the makeup! (I guess he likes me or something. Weird, right?)

DIY Metallic Mini "Cinderella Pumpkins"

Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins! They are everywhere in grocery stores, all over Pinterest, and in every fall-themed drink and snack. (Seriously, the pumpkin-spice plague is more real than ever.) So of course when I found some adorable mini pumpkins all wrapped up together, I had to hop on the bandwagon too! These “Cinderella pumpkins” (as my sister dubbed them) are just so stinkin’ cute that maybe you can make some too! There are 3 different techniques I used to decorate based on the different original color of the pumpkins, but incorporate them any way you’d like!

(It was my intention (as usual) not to copy any other bloggers’ work without giving credit in this tutorial. That said, I know there are about a billion pumpkin painting techniques out there, so if you spot a similar one online, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments.)

For the orange pumpkins, you will need:
Gold spray paint (we used Krylon COVERMAXX Metallic in Gold)
1” lace trim (heavier weight is better)
Straight pins
Needle-nose pliers

Simply pin the lace trim all the way around the center of the pumpkin, sticking 1-2 pins straight through the lace and into the pumpkin at each of the grooves of the pumpkin so that it follows the form as much as possible. Match up the ends as closely as you can, but don’t worry too much!

Then, spray a gold band of paint all the way around the pumpkin over the lace. I did this (with my sister’s help) in four sections by propping the pumpkin up on a ball of aluminum foil, spraying a quarter of the pumpkin gold, rotating it, and then letting it dry a little in between each turn. After painting all around, let the paint dry completely, according to the instructions on the can.

Carefully remove the pins with needle-nose pliers. You want to pull the pins out as straight as possible to leave only very small holes in the pumpkin’s surface. It may help to place your thumbnail on top of the lace next to the pin as you pull straight up.

When you take off the actual lace, you should have a gorgeous pattern left behind!

For the white pumpkins, we used:
The same gold spray paint
 A plastic container slightly larger than the pumpkin (we cut a gallon jug in half for this)
A rag you aren’t worried about getting paint on
Gloves if desired

Fill the container a little more than halfway with water. Spray the surface of the water with a couple light passes of gold spray paint. Quickly dunk about half the pumpkin into the water and withdraw it. As you pull it out, the paint will stick to itself and the surface of the pumpkin. Gently tap the pumpkin’s surface with your fingers for a minute or so to stick the paint down well.

Then, gently rub your thumb along the surface of the pumpkin. As you do so, small sections where the paint was thick or bubbled should peel up, giving a weathered gold-leaf affect. You can also use your thumbnail or the rag to pull off more paint as it dries.

Repeat the whole process on the other half of the pumpkin, and then again on any sections that weren’t gilded to your liking, such as the bottom. Gently wipe any balled up paint off the pumpkin’s surface with the rag as well. Let your pumpkins dry fully!

Lastly the speckled pumpkin. Gather up:
Metallic acrylic paint (I mixed 4 different hues to match the spray paint)
A small artist’s brush

I wanted to go really subtle on these guys, since they already have such naturally beautiful speckling. All I did was add some metallic splotches with a tiny, but flat tipped, artist’s brush. You will want to get a good amount if paint on the brush to start with, and kind of dab it off randomly as you go. I tried (and kind of failed) to coordinate with the pattern already naturally on the pumpkin, but honestly, it’s cute either way! (If you want some more specific polka dot placing on your pumpkins, a quick Pinterest search will not fail you! Although I really do love these made with polka dot tissue paper!)

And there you have it! My own lazy little techniques to avoid carving Jack-o-lanterns (although there is something delightfully messy about that)! As I said, both the lace and fake gold leaf totally give off a Cinderella’s carriage vibe, but maybe that’s just me. You could also give this a try with fake pumpkins so they stick around longer. If you try it, let me know how it goes!

So how do you spruce up your baby pumpkins?! (Because they are obviously a fall decorating necessity.)

Stay lovely,