Monday in Wonderland: Seriously. Love Yourself.

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I haven’t done a classic Monday in Wonderland recently, ya know, with just a doodle and some rambling, but this message seems to be popping up at me everywhere recently! I also know I put the same mantra in some littleprintables a few weeks ago, but loving yourself is just so incredibly important. Not easy by any means, but pretty dang important. It even was addressed in my Women’s Health textbook today! And what with Valentine’s Day passing, I figured it could never hurt to give a little reminder!

I could also go on and on about this nonsense, but I think you know the drill. It’s hard work and you do have to consciously approach such a thing unless you are BeyoncĂ© and never really have a bad day! (#flawless) Plus, so many people say it so much better than little ol’ me. Here’s a super cute video, if that’s what you are feeling, and a list of 55 ways to do so, full of linked articles that really are something special. (Thank you to Courtney’s Little Things for directing me there!) We also have a self-love challenge here, and an entire internet full of reasons and ways to love little ol’ you.

There really is a little bit of movement to this mantra and I totally love it. I as much as anyone else need to have patience, acceptance, and grace for myself. And when I do so, I feel a heck of a lot better :)

Have an absolutely amazing week! And if you haven’t done it yet, Valentine’s blooms and chocolates are bound to be on sale! Pick some up for your bestest buddie—AKA YOU! (I would also suggest wine, but I’m not really old enough to drink that so…)

How do you love your own beautiful self?

Stay lovely,


  1. This is a lovely post to make someone feel so much better on a bad day :) Thank you so much for sharing this quick ramble, they're quite surprisingly my favourite types of posts

    Kathy xx

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! I'm so glad you liked this little post!

  2. Love this mantra Corin ♥
    It's a wonderful mantra to start the week with! I'm going to jot it on a sticky note and stick it to my monitor!

    1. I love that idea! My sister actually has a whole collection of sticky note quotes on her mirror!
      Thank you so much! Have a great week Kim!