Strawberry Rose Lemonade Punch

A couple weeks ago I made some super cute Valentine’s Day Shirley Temples, and in the process discovered Rose Lemonade! And to be honest, I was totally shocked by how much I liked it! I’ve always thought that florals were meant to be used as a scent and nothing more, but in the right dosage they actually do add something quite elegant and wonderful to a beverage. Inspired by that lemonade (I originally purchased this brand), I set out to make my own, and then that somehow turned into this nifty little Valentine’s Day punch recipe! Think of it as classic sherbet punch, but with an extra dash of girly flirtiness—and not just because it is pink!

Strawberry Rose Lemonade Punch

By the glass:

4 oz lemonade
3 oz sparkling water
1-2 tsp rose water (adjust to taste)
1 rounded spoonful Strawberries and Cream Sherbet

Add your sherbet to the glass, followed by club soda, and stir until the ice cream completely dissolves, then add in the lemonade and rose water! It’s that easy!

By the pitcher (or Mason jar, whatever floats your boat):

2 cups lemonade
1 1/2 cup club soda (1 can!)
2 tablespoons rose water (again, you may adjust to taste)
2 small scoops sherbet

Add all ingredients and stir until dissolved.

I included both quantities because I usually will just make a classy beverage for myself to enjoy, but you could totally whip up more for that amazing Galentine’s Day brunch that you are hosting! (I mean, it’s cool if you want to make this for the boys too, just make sure they are a-okay with drinking pink!) I love how this is fruity, a little fizzy, and has just a dash of that rose water goodness, which makes me feel just a little bit like a fairy princess when I drink it! Plus roses and Valentine’s Day—classic.

Now I just have to pick my favorite between this and some Shirley Temples! Do you have any Galentine’s Day plans?

Stay lovely,

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