St. Patrick's Day Wallpapers and Printable Stationary

Whoops, late Monday again! Oh well, plan A for Monday in Wonderland was a flop this week (and would’ve been up this morning, mind you), so here is plan B, which I honestly love so much more! Since St. Patty’s day is in t-minus 10 days, I wanted to make something you could use to remind you of the holiday! Or if nothing else, something that you could show people on your phone screen and maybe they would be merciful and not pinch you!

I decided to up the ante too by making this little wallpaper to fit your computer, phone, and even a little card printable! AND you can print the card with either the watercolor background or, if your printer hates you like mine does, on black and white! (From which you will obviously add the watercolor, because you can never have too much watercolor, I think.) Then, just flirt your way through St. Patrick’s Day! (Or bribe. Like attach the card to a chocolate bar kind of bribe. That would work on me…)

Anyway, don’t forget your green next Thursday babes!

Stay lovely,

PS: If you need watercolor backgrounds, try this absolutely lovely website! (That’s where I got this one.)

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  1. Oh my goodness this is the cutest! You are just so talented! Love it :) xx

  2. Aww, thank you so much! I was so relieved that this one worked out when my first plan flopped, so I'm really glad you like it too!