Wonderland Updates + "Somebunny to Love" Easter Wallpapers and Printables

We will very quickly get to this adorable wallpaper, but I first wanted to give you a update on things here in Wonderland!

First of all, this is the second week I've missed a Monday in Wonderland! (Even though I tried to pull one over on you last week by posting super early Tuesday :P) If you've been reading since the beginning, you know that I've never missed one before! I really enjoy these posts, but I've gotten away from my original intention of them, which was to create a positive doodle and some peppy rambling, in favor of getting out something every single week. I want to rework this feature so that when it comes around more sparingly, it is as I originally imagined it to be! Now don't worry, I will still make lots of free downloads, I just won't include them as a "Monday in Wonderland" unless they have the positivity purpose! And they have to be prepared early enough to actually be posted on Monday...

Speaking of quality, I'm going to be transitioning this space to have fewer, but better, posts. I've been pushing myself to post at least 3 times per week, and considering my hectic schedule, increased blogging perfectionism as of late, and overzealous projects, doing such was becoming way more stressful than necessary. I want my blog to be fun and not an extra stressor on my life, and I want the content I produce to really shine! And so welcome to the new, less frequent, but more fancy wonderland!

Okay, so now on to the wallpapers! Same as my St. Patrick's version of this post, I have illustrations for your computer, iPhone or Android! I also made printable cards in color, as well as black and white, because color printers are mean sometimes.


I really enjoy making these punny holiday doodles for you guys, so expect bad (and possibly adorable) puns for every holiday! Do you know of any fun Easter puns? Also, if these wallpapers are the wrong size for your devices, leave me a comment and I can resize them for you!

Stay lovely,

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