Chocolate Covered Cherry Green Smoothie

There are two things almost every college girl loves: sleep and chocolate. This recipe gets you both! I mean, it doesn’t directly involve sleep as an ingredient, but it’s so dang easy and takes so little time, that maybe you’ll get to sleep more! Or perhaps actually study for those tests that you have next week. (Guess who’s avoiding that one!)

Oh, and did I mention it’s secretly healthy! Now, not like low-carb or anything (sorry, chocolate lover here), but it does have fruits AND veggies AND protein snuck inside, which might be just about as good as it gets in this hectic life of mine… (We'll just use the hectic-ness of life as an excuse for being blogging-M.I.A. too, okay?)

Regardless, this is the most desert-like smoothie I’ve ever had the pleasure of blending, and I am so SO happy I was craving chocolate the other day and made it happen! Are you ready for your produce and protein-packed chocolate fix?!

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Green Smoothie (serves 1)

3 cubes frozen spinach (blend fresh spinach with just enough water, and freeze in an ice cube tray! It’s perfect when your healthy eating plans take a week off, but your ripening greens don’t!)
4-5 whole frozen strawberries
A couple frozen black cherries*
½ cup V8 Fusion Black Cherry Apple juice (not sponsored, just delicious)
1 6oz carton vanilla Greek yogurt
Chocolate syrup to taste (honestly, I just give it one real good squeeze!)

*I prefer this strawberry-cherry ratio, but I think it will differ depending on your tastes! For example, if you use a different juice, you will probably want to go with more cherries!

I love smoothie recipes because the instructions almost always go like this: put it all in the blender and press go!

Now with this particular recipe, I would recommend you add less syrup than you think you need, blend, take a sip, and go from there. You can also definitely use fresh spinach and strawberries, and then just add 6-8 ice cubes to get that smoothie-licious consistency.  Oh, and you should probably serve it in an opaque glass, because the color is not the most appealing thing about the smoothie… The flavor seriously makes up for it though, I promise you!

Do you turn to smoothies as a lazy and deceptively healthy meal? Link your favorite recipe in the comments, and let me know just how strong your chocolate addiction is!

Stay lovely,


  1. This looks so yummy. love the fact that its a chocolate smoothie :) Very cute blog dear ! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x

    1. Absolutely, I'll head over to your blog right now! Thanks for stopping by!