Free Wallpapers for That End-of-Semester Boredom

In case my Procrastibaking Print didn’t have you guessing this, you should know that sometimes the urge to procrastinate hits me pretty hard. Like, hours worth of Netflix hard. Well, this weekend, whilst undergoing the usual cycle of procrastination and work, I made some nifty computer wallpapers that represent the general sentiment toward all the pre-finals prep goin’ on around here. (You know, how all your teachers squeeze in one last regular test a week or two before the official “final?” That’s where I am right now tbh.)

Anyway, now every time you open your laptop to study-udy-udy, you can mentally prepare yourself for the impending boredom with a zillion iterations of “I’m so bored” in every pastel color I could think of. (If I missed anything, or you would like this in a different color combo, leave me a comment! I’d be happy to procrastinate some more, just for you!)

Happy pre-finals, if it’s that time for you, and keep up the good work in whatever life is giving you!

Stay lovely,

PS: Fo’ real though, stay in school kids and study for your tests. Your dreams are on the line here! And, I happen to believe in you a whole lot. *kisses*

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