Some of My Favorite Free Watercolor Textures

Howdy guys! I'm working on a little design project as a kickoff to summer, and in the process of that have been stocking up on downloadable watercolor textures! I figured I'd pass on a list of 'em today so that you can get designing for yourself! You can also make your own watercolor textures fairly easily, but I tend to have issues with the colors looking correct and saturated appropriately. (Basically, I need to invest in a good scanner or camera or lighting setup...yay college.) And besides, these are all ready to go, are actually easy to download, haven't given me any pop-ups or tried to install things on my computer, and live on cute blogs with minimal ads, unlike many "free graphics" websites! I hope this is helpful for any projects you might have, or just for some fresh computer backdrops!

Free for personal use:

Design Love Fest (Don't forget to get free graphics on this site every week!)
Craftberry Bush
Angie Makes

Free for commercial use:

Gold and Berry (make sure to download the .zip file!)
Hello Geri
Lost and Taken (so many free textures guys)

Not sure how to use these? Try the techniques in my Gold-Foil and Watercolor Text Art Tutorial, including some free painted textures of my own!

What are your favorite free resources for making cute graphics and text art?

Stay lovely,

Disclaimers: Like all things on the internet, you click links at your own risk. I would never intentionally publish content containing bad links. Also, follow the copyright policies listed on each artist's individual site. They are clear and easy to find, and if you aren't sure, be respectful to the artist above all else. PS I use this copyright policy.

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