A Digital Fruit Salad Party Day 2: Peachy-keen Wallpapers & Printables

Here is Day 2 of the fruit salad inspired printables and digital wallpapers, featuring peaches! And, fun fact, for many southern US states we are right in the first month of peach season! Yum!

For more information about this so-called "fruit salad" project, take a look at yesterday's post, which includes similar prints and wallpapers with strawberries as the stars! And don't forget to head back to my wonderland again tomorrow for yet another set of fruity downloads!

Watercolor background on printables found here.


Peach computer wallpaper
Peach cell phone wallpaper
Peach printable envelope
“That's just peachy” punny card printable in portrait (top fold) // in landscape (side fold)
“That's just peach” punny wall art print

Are you enjoying the party? Of the two fruits so far, peaches and strawberries, which is your favorite? (Personally I gotta say "why not both?!")

Stay lovely,

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