A Digital Fruit Salad Party Day 1: Free Strawberry-Inspired Downloads!

Here in Texas, summer is definitely already in full swing. Although I will no doubt be sick and tired of constantly sweating in the very near future, I am totally loving summer at the moment. I mean, bright and sunny weather, adorable swimsuits, and all the watermelon you can consume—it has to be my favorite season! (So she also says about every other season…) Oh yeah, and no school.

So to celebrate the warmer, pool-filled months ahead, I’ve been hard at work (meaning, I have nothing better to do) creating a FULL WEEK OF FREE DOWNLOADS as a summer kick-off! I went a little crazy with the Stamped Digital Wallpaper Tutorial from a few weeks ago and now I present to you:

A Digital Fruit Salad Party!!

Basically, every day of this week there will be a different fruit that is the star of the metaphorical show. For each fruit, I designed a patterned wallpaper for your phone or computer and a patterned envelope template. Then, I added some punny text art to the same fruits to make little cards and wall art prints! (Pssht no, I’m not super bored or anything.) Also, the cards and wall art printable are available in full color, half color, and black and white depending on which page of the PDF you choose to print. Lastly, don't forget that all PDF downloads can be reduced when you print them. The cards are 3 3/4", the envelopes are 4", and the wall art is 8", so adjust by percent according to your taste.

Anyway, the fruit of the day is--STRAWBERRIES!

Watercolor background for the strawberry printables was found here.


“You’re my jam” punny card printable in portrait (top fold) // in landscape (side fold)

Soooo yeah, enjoy, download, print, and send off fresh-and-fruity cards to all your friends. And because this is a “party” invite them over to my wonderland to get some goodies for themselves! I hope you enjoy these BERRY great freebies (hardy-har-har) and come back for the rest of this week-long summer soiree!

Stay lovely,

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