Valentine's Shirley Temples for the Sweet and Sour

In case the glittery pink chocolate boxes and copious amounts of conversation hearts didn’t give you a heads up, Valentine’s Day is coming very soon! And if we are being honest, nothing quite sparks DIY inspiration like a sparkly holiday. Better yet, today’s DIY is appropriate whether you are cynical about a day of Hallmark Cards and bouquets of roses, or if you just love a day dedicated to love, no matter how cheesy that may be. (You can count me in camp number 2 on that one!)

I wanted to give the classic Shirley temple a little remix by trying it out with some different flavors! Now although I had to forgo the maraschino cherries for reasons of “forget to get that at the grocery store,” I think these layered drinks are still super cute and fun!

For the sourpuss:

Rose water lemonade (we bought this brand)
Grenadine (you can make your own!)

To get the ombre effect in this one, pour in the lemonade to the desired level, then add a little grenadine. It will fall to the bottom, but not without leaving some beautiful and romantic gradation!

For the sweetheart:
Raspberry seltzer soda (we bought this!)
Grenadine, also

This time, add a little grenadine to the bottom of the glass, then add 6-7 ice cubes on top. Slowly pour in the soda. The ice barrier and slow pouring creates a more definite division of colors!

I think any lightly colored or clear soda would be just about fantastic for this, so obviously modify based on your color and taste preferences. We bought both our sodas at World Market, but I’ve seen similar products at the grocery store, and even something like Izzie might do the trick. And oh yeah, the cute paper straw with hearts is definitely a requirement. (Target dollar section say whaaaaat?)

What kind of fun beverages are you thinking ‘bout stirring up this Valentine’s Day?

Stay lovely,

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