A Digital Fruit Salad Party Day 5: "Snazzy, Jazzy, Razz-berry" Printables and Wallpapers

It's Fridayyyyy! I can't believe I am already on day 5 of these little downloads! They have been really fun to share and try to get creative with, and I really love pretending that I do graphic design :P

Today I also tried to be creative with these little cards to prove that these nifty downloads go way beyond their original purpose! It may not be easy to see, but I used actual cutting and pasting to layer the background and card images to add a little 3-dimensionality to these cards.

I inserted the "cell phone background" image into a word document, cropped it to the same dimensions as the other cards, used the "washout" tool, printed in color, and cut and folded that background as it's own mini card. Then, I printed the half-color raspberry card, cut the shape out, and taped it to the front of the patterned card! I just thought it would be fun to show a way that you can alter the content I am giving you (provided that if you post about it, you link back to me), and show another alternative to the full-color stationery if you are trying to save yourself some ink!

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying this project of mine! Make sure to let me know which of these is your favorite and how you might be using them!

Strawberry, peach, kiwi, and blueberry printables and wallpapers are also available!


“Snazzy, jazzy” punny card printable in portrait (top fold) // in landscape (side fold)
“Snazzy, jazzy” punny wall art print

Stay lovely,

**Please respect my copyright policy. If you modify or use my work, link back here for attribution. Also, don’t post this content as your own download, but rather link back to me, because everyone is free to join the fun and download through this website! For more on gross copyright things, click the link in this blog's footer.**

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