Stress Less: Favorite Ways to Unwind

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a major worrier. I have a definite tendency to stress unnecessarily, and sometimes life just demands I take a break. So when I slow down, which is far less often than I should, here are some of my favorite ways to relax, unwind, and just get to feeling calmer.


Whether it is drafting blog posts, journaling, or frantically typing ideas in the notes app on my phone (my texting speed is strong for this reason, y’all), writing things down is one of the best ways I know to process all the nonsense going on in my head. It’s kind of a catharsis for me, and basically allows me to expel all that crazy tension into a beautiful mess of words. Honestly, whether it’s a fancy sounding project tutorial, or some stream of consciousness nonsense, writing is such a release for life’s stressors, at least for me personally.

Big Girl Coloring Books

I received a couple adult coloring books for Christmas, and using these is a great way to unwind! I enjoy this activity as it involves focusing a good deal of creative energy to something small, detailed, and methodical, but all the while colorful and beautiful! I prefer the complex patterns, but any type of coloring, or even grown up connect the dots, make a great creative escape. Not to mention that you can copy the pages (for personal use ONLY), use various mediums to add color (including watercolor paints!), and use those pages for something else creative after you are done. It is seriously great stuff, my friends.

Getting Pretty

This probably sounds a little odd, but finding something cute to wear and doing my hair and makeup is another calming outlet for me! In fact, it combines creating with as much color as you desire and the physical act of taking care of yourself, which is lovely all on its own. And to make it even better, demand that your sister go on a spontaneous Target shopping trip with you now that you are looking all dapper ;)

Exercise?… okay yes, exercise

When I allow myself to overcome my relentless laziness, I honestly find that moving my body a little is a great tool to release anxiety. And that doesn’t have to mean jogging a mile! (Although on occasion that does do the trick!) Taking a 20 minute walk with the family dog, enjoying a quick “hike” in a nearby park, or tuning into a half hour yoga video (here is my favorite yoga channel on YouTube) all do good stuff for my mental state. And probably my physical health too, so that’s great for a lazy gal like me!

Be the Iron Chef

Find some edible supplies from your kitchen and pantry, do a little Pinterest research if necessary, and then make something a little fancy for your good self to eat! For me, this is something as small as adding a creative seasoning to a baked potato, putting veggies in some scrambled eggs, or combining common cultural flavors in a “bowl of nonsense,” as I have termed it. (I originally called it a bowl of crap but no one wants to eat that. That just sounds gross. Good job, Corin.) The point isn’t to be a culinary master, but rather to feel like the Iron Chef with a little creative cooking. And you can even get all healthy if you want to! The scientists say that good food makes for a rockin’ brain with less anxiety, and cooking for myself helps me embrace that.

Chillin’ with the Pup

While being home for break, hanging out with our family pet has been an awesome source of relaxation for me. I have a soft (non-allergic) spot for dogs, but even if your animal pal is a lizard or parrot, spending some time with a different-species friend always makes you feel so loved and depended on. No matter how life is going, feeling a little more loved makes me feel a little more alright! Going on walks or even just sitting outside, petting, and talking to my ol’ dog makes me soooo badly want a puppy of my own (when my wallet and responsibility quotient allows for it)! You know, only for stress release. Not the cuteness of a puppy or anything like that.

Shopping (I mean, usually window shopping…)

This is another weird thing for me, but I really enjoy a few hours traipsing around looking at pretty clothes, home d├ęcor, or even endless shelves of craft supplies. Stores like the ones I mentioned are fun for imagining up outfits, room styling and new DIY projects, giving my brain a little creative break all whilst walking around a little bit! See, I’m gettin’ that exercise in! Even if I walk out without spending any money (which is usually my goal), I find that this can also be a creative, relaxing activity for me!

When It Comes Down to It, It’s Okay to Veg

Sometimes the very best thing when I need to unwind is a good nap or an episode or two of a Netflix series. (I highly recommend Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Parks and Rec, and Jane the Virgin. But hey, that’s just me!) That said, I find if a couple episodes turns into a full day wasted, I honestly do feel worse. Vegging breaks are good only to a point, as much as my baby sister and our Criminal Minds marathons refute that theory. (When I say baby, I mean already-has-her-driver’s-permit. So no, I’m not terrifying children with murder mysteries. In fact, I get more scared than she does!)

Although I put off setting New Year’s resolutions this year, I do believe that reducing my stress levels would be an extremely beneficial thing for me and my occasional tension headaches. And so I intend to implement all these unwinding methods just a little more. And you know, not worrying about things out of my control, procrastinating less, and logical stuff like that. Anywayyy…

How do you unwind? Maybe through a Netflix marathon with me?! (Jk, we shouldn’t do that. Seriously so tempting though!)

Stay lovely,

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  1. Hey Corin! I loved this post because too often I worry unnecessarily. Writing and coloring are probably some of my favorite ways of relieving stress. Puppy snuggles always help, too!