DIY Valentine's Paper Straw Banner

Do you ever see something completely intended to be functional, but really only understand it as pretty? For me, watches are a big one. I know they obviously tell time (like duh Corin), but they make such beautiful accessories that that purpose seems totally secondary to me. Another thing that fell in that category for a long time was paper straws. Why would they need to be anything other than adorable, right? Well last weekend I published a cute little tutorial for sweet and sour variations on Shirley Temples, and in the background of those pics was a fun little straw banner made just for Valentine’s Day as well. This thing was so easy and inexpensive to make that I decided to do a tutorial for it too, so that those paper straws can shine in all their adorableness!

You will need:
Paper straws (I used 15, bought in the Target dollar section)
Needle (larger is better)

Step 1
Measure one straws and cut each into 3 pieces. You can cut the first one, then use one of those pieces as a reference for all the others to make things less fussy!

Step 2
With the string attached to the spool (cuz it’s hard to know exactly how much you need), thread the needle and string 3 straw pieces on. The weight of the needle will just make it easier for everything to thread through. Then feed the string back through the first straw piece in the same direction as before. This will create a triangle shape. Also, we are going to now call that double-strung piece the base!

Step 3
Slide the triangle down the string toward the spool by grasping the base and gently pulling—if you grip somewhere else, your triangle might not seem inclined to slide! Repeat again and again and again and… (I didn’t think it was necessary to say “again” 14 more times…)

Step 4
Unthread the needle and loop that end of the string around the corner of the last triangle and tie a knot as seen above. Cut off the string from the spool side, and slide the triangles toward the tied end until taut. Tie off the remaining end in the same fashion.

Step 5
Add a length of string to each end if necessary, for hanging purposes. Since I strung them together with green so you could follow, I added white to the ends to it would hang up discreetly.

Step 6
If you would like, bend each base in the center to create a nod to a little heart shape!

I know that is a lot of words for something “super easy” but hopefully you got this! (If you don’t, please ask!) Because about $4 and 20 minutes later you have a really cute banner! You can even make fancy drinks to match it, as well as the plethora of other cute V-Day crafts found in every nook and cranny of Pinterest.

All the fun little backdrop additions were crafted with glittered scrapbook paper (found at Hobby Lobby) and paper doilies left over from my Thanksgiving Table Runner! I kind of had to rapidly style this up during a lunch break, but I think it beautifully does the job.

Are you up to any Valentine’s Day crafting or busy admiring any sneakily functional cuteness?

Stay lovely,


  1. Love the paper straw garland! It's such a great way to decorate a space!
    -Kim :)

  2. Thank you so much Kim! I also love how inexpensive it was! I love me some cheap decorating :)

  3. I love the glitter hearts and banner together on the wall - it's such a cute and fun Valentine's Day backdrop!!

    - Courtney

    1. Thanks Courtney! I just had to do something to bring some love, hearts, and glitter into the dining room!