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I’ve been regularly reading blogs for about 4 years now and I find it odd that it took me this long to actually start one of my own. But since I’m a newbie to the blogging world, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the blogs that have inspired me to actually get here!

First up to bat is fashion and style blogs, because this is really where it all started for me. As an awkward high school freshman with no experience in clothing outside of jeans and graphic tees, a couple of these blogs in particular pushed me to branch outside my comfort zone and develop a style that wasn’t like everyone else’s. Even now in college, I’m finding that I still stand out a little as part of the minority of girls that isn’t crazy about wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt every day. I love a little vintage flair, wearing dresses for no good reason and all the high-waisted bottoms you could ever dream of. And I’m 100% okay with being a little different with my style partially because of these lovely ladies.

I’ve only recently gotten hooked on this blog, but this girl does vintage-inspired absolutely flawlessly! I love all the knee-length skirts, cute rompers, and fun patterns collected here! Every outfit is so colorful and well put together!

Although fashion isn’t the only focus of this blog, I absolutely adore the outfits Katie puts together. They are honestly just really unique, fun, and adorable! There are also some pretty cute kids and fantastic sewing/DIY projects here too in case you don’t obsess over pretty dresses as much as I do!

Another recent find of mine, this Texas-based style blog does both casual and dressed-up really well. I also find the individual pieces of each outfit to be a little more accessible to a broke college student like me! And this girl is frequently pretty hilarious, so reading the blog is fun too.

This is probably one of the blogs I’ve been reading the longest for a lot of reasons. Not only are the outfits always cute, but Lauren’s style is constantly changing and evolving which I totally love! Her honest writing and ability to personally connect with readers is something I greatly admire too. It’s style and outfit inspiration minus a fa├žade of perfection and with an emphasis on being yourself and growing as a person. Pretty perfect if you ask me!

I do have a few style posts in the works so you’ll be able to see what all this inspiration is going into soon! Until then though, do y’all have any other recommendations of fabulous style blogs for me? I probably follow too many on Bloglovin’ already, but I have no problem making room for more!

Stay lovely,

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