Versatile Blogger Award

Hello friends! (Or acquaintances/enemies/random internet people whom I love.) There are exciting things happening here in Wonderland!

Last week I was nominated for the versatile blogger award! I’m brand new to all this but so excited that my baby blog (it’s almost 2 months old!) is getting some love! Actually, this whole award is an awesome opportunity to spread a little internet love around, and give credit to some other fabulous bloggers! Also, I’ve been meaning to share some nonsense about myself and this is an awesome opportunity to do that!

So let me explain le rules:
1) Thank the person(s) who nominated you.
2) Include a link to their blog(s).
3) Write seven facts about yourself.
4) Nominate up to fifteen bloggers to pass the award along to.

First of all, I was nominated by the lovely namesake of Courtney’s Little Things! This girl really seems to have her life together and shares some awesome posts about blog organization, journaling and college/life survival in general. And of course some just for fun stuff too, like a DIY popcorn bar! Yes please! (Although I would argue that organizing is a bit of a personal party for myself.) Thank you so very, very much Courtney, and not because I have to say that. (Psssst, say thanks for me by checking out her blog.)

And now for the facts! Hmmm…

1) I prefer skirts and dresses over pants!
I’m not totally sure why, but if I could wear a dress every day I probably would, especially in cold weather! There’s something about putting on a pretty, twirly skirt on that makes any day a little better.

2) I’m a middle child.
I am in a sister sandwich. And yes the older one raises the bar really high and the little one is the most spoiled. But I love them so much—I can’t complain all that much about these beautiful girls!

3) I was a band geek for seven years and miss it a lot.
I played the trumpet from sixth grade through senior year and recently gave it up to make room for college nonsense! So I’ve decided to become a concert band groupie (the coolest kind of band groupie) and go to all their concerts! Hopefully that’ll work or I might just have to start playing again…

4) I’m an Aggie!
Now before you freak out, worried that I’m going to go all “red-ass” on you, know that I am not territorial over my college football or anything like that. There are so many good colleges in Texas and I happened to fall in love with this one! As I said though, I do love it here! If you have any questions about this school (or fiery accusations perhaps), I would be happy to tell you more about my new home!

5) Currently, my dream job is a pediatric, neo-natal, or labor and delivery nurse.
I am known for “mom-ing” people (especially my trumpet babies) and am really excited to hopefully learn how to do it right! I also adore kiddos and the beauty of new life!

6) I love me some Jesus music.
Nothing calms me down when I’m freaked quite like some Praise and Worship music. My all-time favorite songs and Oceans by Hillsong and Alabaster by Rend Collective! (By the way, are any of y’all interested in a playlist of this genre?! Future Saturday playlist perhaps?)

7) Rom-com anime is a common date night plan for me.
I never watched anime until I started dating my current boy and I honestly love it! We usually watch cheesy ones where people fall in love (because I’m a cheeseball) but there’s action, magic, food, and other fun stuff, so not to worry! Clannad forever has my heart and I just finished Charlotte—so good! (My heart is weeping in the best kind of way.)

Now that you know some more about me, it’s time to introduce you to some other bloggers!

I nominate:
Delanie from Dallas to Dixie
Destinee Nicole from The Girl in Sequins
Darby from The Blogueuse
Madison of Minnie Muse and Standout Girl
And the lovely trio behind Style Lyfe Blog

As I said, we are all about spreading the love with this thing, so click through their blogs as well if you have a moment!

And about those facts—any coinkidinks?! (That’s coincidences if you didn’t get that!) Let me know in the comments what the foundations of our new friendship will be!

Stay lovely,


  1. Great post and thanks for all those nice comments. I loved learning more about you! :)

  2. Your writing style is just so unique and adorable! Loving reading your posts gal! A 'coinkidink' for you(where on earth did you get that saying?!)-I'd love to work in pediatrics one day too! Do you have twitter, I couldn't seem to find you? Much sunshine and hugs x

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you so much. I try to make my blog both informative and just fun to read, so that means a lot to me! And yay for pediatrics! :D

      Unfortunately I don't have a twitter yet, but am definitely considering that and a Facebook page for the blog in the near future. If I get those both set up, I'll definitely post a little reminder about it!

  3. I watched Clannad a few days ago and ended up so heartbroken. It's a beautiful story. I'm the same with having a boy who is into his anime. I wonder if you could give any other recommendations for us to watch together?

    1. Absolutely! We've also watched Charlotte, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Golden Time, and Angel Beats! Pretty much all of those had romantic comedy elements, which I totally love, but I think my favorite story was Angel Beats (and in only 12 episodes)! If you watch any of those, let me know what you think--I thought they were all super good :)