Monday in Wonderland: You Are More

A couple weeks ago I posted a little pep talk for myself, and this #MondayinWonderland runs along the same lines. I am quickly finding that all those people who told me college was going to be tough weren’t crazy—and I’ve only been through a week! The textbook chapters are long and the lectures are fast and I can foresee the nights getting late. This “pep talk” is for the resulting feeling of panic. (Click here or on the photo to download free!)

So the other day I was working out with the boy and he challenged me to “pushups until failure.” I know, I know, it sounds like torture to most of you but first of all I asked for it and honestly it was good for me. When I gave up and collapsed on the floor, he said, “come on, just five more.” And I did 6.

And then on Friday I decided to go running at the campus rec center, and ran an extra 2 laps that I swore I couldn’t do, all because I thought the beautiful words “I can.” And the funniest part is that neither experience was awful. A little painful at the time, sure, but when I caught my breath and shook out my arms I didn’t feel pain. I felt strong and amazing.

So whatever you may be facing this week, know that you are so much more than you think you are. You can get through all your notes, run an extra mile, and answer the professor’s question in front of the whole lecture hall (at least if you’re a college kid). Because we tend to sell ourselves short and doubt our strength. But if you push a little harder, you might find that you can do what you didn’t believe you could.

Good luck this semester my friends, and stay lovely,


  1. As a senior in college, I can tell you it is tough, but like you said it feels like a real accomplishment when you get a good grade back on an exam or paper. It's always a good idea to work on things a little at a time (like a paper or studying for test) so you don't have to pull an all nighter and you'll know the information better. I hope your first month of college is amazing!

    1. Thank you! I hope your senior year is absolutely wonderful as well!