Monday in Wonderland: Just Keep Going

Good evening all! Sorry this is a little later in the day than usual! College and exams are a thing now...

Anyway, here's the #MondayinWonderland for this week! (download freeAnd because you know I love a good start-of-the-week pep talk, I have a little one of those for you too! (I figure you probably need it as much as I do.)


There are times in life when it's good to relax. There are times where it's okay to be defeated and take a step back and assess. There are are times when an all-day Netflix marathon and some ice cream is exactly what you need to make you human again. (Shout out to the magic of Blue Bell!)

And then, there really are times where you just have to push through with that elusive end goal in sight, times when you just gotta keep up some positivity even with that mounting pile of work growing by the minute. That's my goal right now as I work through my first exam week of the semester!

So whether you're in the midst of studying for an exam, training for a marathon, or just participating in the good ol' everyday, keep up the good work! You are heading somewhere great and it's going to pay off.

I know I have huge dreams that will be worth all these silly tests! I hope you can find something like that to focus on and enjoy your upcoming week to the best of your ability, hard work and all. <3 (I know, apparently this is middle school and emoji's don't exist, but I still love you and needed to make a heart...)

Stay strong and lovely,

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