Monday in Wonderland: Make it Joyful

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Happy Monday, once again!

This week’s message may seem a little repetitive, as I think my Monday in Wonderlands can be, but I like to base these on what’s going on in my life. When I stay up late Sunday night writing these, or am rushing to do them amidst my homework on Mondays, I find the most joy and the easiest, most fluid and beautiful writing I can create when I write about things I understand, and things that are happening for me. Additionally, I write these as much for me as you all, because every Monday is like a new start, and it gives me a chance to look back on recent events, see where the holes in my positivity lie, and try to correct for them as I move through life to a happier me. But because I am a human (just makin’ sure ya know), and a college kid, I think maybe things like this will be relatable to other people too. Plus, a little reminder to smile never hurt anybody.

So for this Monday, I am left reflecting on a week where I was a little bit of a grump. My circumstances weren’t the most favorable to a happy mood, between stress, that “really-need-a-break” exhaustion, and feeling a bit under the weather again. And while I can’t fault myself for responding negatively to inherently negative events, I can internally reprimand myself for perpetuating those grumpy feelings!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets in a bad mood and thinks every little thing is bad. Even when my sister made me food, and let me commandeer the TV for an evening to watch the Pixar Shorts collection on Netflix (I do recommend), I remained pretty morose, by equal parts the world bringing me down and ME bringing me down.

I don’t want to look back and think, “gosh, my first semester of college was hard. I was so tired and depressed all the time with school” because that’s not accurate! It’s actually been pretty great. No super hard classes, a handful of new friends, and living with my big sis, which has honestly been really fun. (It’s amazing how you grow up a little and suddenly like your siblings!) However, I know if I keep myself in the grumpies for the next 4 weeks or so (that’s it y’all!), that’s what I’m going to think. It was hard and I was sad.

I honestly have no reason to complain so far. And dancing my butt off at a quinceaƱera Saturday night, then singing at church this weekend with group of lovely ladies reminded me of that. I will seriously never cease to be astonished by the little reminders of joy God brings me when I start to think that life is the pits.

Guys, time for a challenge for me and you. Next time your world seems to be falling apart and you’re just plain morose, try to look around for the simple and beautiful things. I mean, it’s hard. You’re psychologically inclined not too. (I learn things in my psych class!) But I didn’t have the most fun I could’ve this weekend at home with my family and on the car ride back yesterday with Sammy because a part of me was wallowing in self-pity that only made “I’m not feeling great” feel 100 times worse.

I’ve only got one first semester of freshman year, and as a matter of fact, one life to live. I don’t want to waste it being sad—that’s just not me and it’s just not fun. We got this guys. We have the capacity to fight the grumpies with joy. I mean you’re wherever you are in life anyway right? Might as well try to make the most of it.

Stay lovely,

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