No Pants November Week 3

Oh hi there. Doesn't that face say I'm happy to see you? Let’s just get into this, k?

QuinceaƱeras are fantastic, even if my outfit-photo skills are not.

And ever since my Merida costume, super messy curls and formal hairstyles are synonymous to me. It’s kind of that wild beauty, don’t you think? ;) (Actually just laziness, but you gotta own it. And make it sound cool.)

Dress (as skirt) / discontinued boutique in San Antonio :,( // top/ Charlotte Russe // shoes / not shown because I wasn’t wearing them anymore…

Classic tough girl photo, colorful tights and all

Colored tights are also muy bueno!

Tights / Sam Moon // top and skirt/ H&M //scarf / thrifted // booties / DSW

"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"

I have a love affair with fuzzy sweaters (and apparently scarves).

Sweater and skirt / Target // tights / Gap // scarf (gifted) / J. Jill // boots // Rack Room Shoes

Am I trying to take a cute photo, or does my scarf smell good?

Top / Walmart // cardi / Target // leggings / Costco // boots and scarf / gifts
(I shop at the most expensive, classy places, don’t I?)

And there are all the one-liners that I would’ve give you on Instagram, had I planned enough time to take outfit photos before this morning. (It was like playing dress up. Good stuff!)

So how’s your No Pants November going? Remember to use #NoPantsNovember and #WonderlandCheshireStyle so I can see your stylish style! (I’m not redundantly redundant.) *Kiss emoji*

Stay lovely,

PS: I'm secretly a super hero in my photo outtakes: 

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