Let It Snow... DIY Inspiration!

Too early for Christmas puns? (Answer: never.)

I have been crafting since long before I started blogging. In fact, since as long as I can remember, my two sisters and I have been making homemade Christmas presents for one another! Now, the DIY’s have certainly changed over the years, and in some cases been forcibly simplified by busyness, but I wanted to share some of the past projects my siblings and I have put together that I am still using today! Maybe we can inspire you a little bit to make something of your own, especially as the holiday (AKA do-it-yourself), season arrives.

Mirror Necklace Hanger
Sammy, my older sister, made this adorable necklace hanger for my birthday a couple years ago and it is still a vital piece of my d├ęcor. It lets me display my somewhat massive collection of necklaces in a gorgeous way, keeps them from getting tangled up, and serves as a lovely little, positive reminder every time I accessorize! This was just the result of a wooden plaque, acrylic paint, a small mirror, and cup hooks—much like our DIY Nostalgic Key Hooks!

Adventure Banner
This was a collaboration between me and Sam for my graduation party at the end of last school year! Sam overlaid word art letters on top of free PDF’s of vintage maps, about 3 to a page, and I cut them out with a craft knife. The clouds were traced from a cardstock stencil onto some adorable scrapbook paper and cut out. For the party, we just stuck ‘em down with double sided tape, but I loved the banner so much that I wanted to take it a permanent wall art piece. I secured the letters with rubber cement, and simply hung it with pushpins. I do regret to say that this version is still lacking the mini balloons that were suspended in the corners of the original, so I hope I can find some metallic, fake balloons soon!

Don’t You Forget Memo Board
I definitely produced this little beauty sometime around the time the first Pitch Perfect came out because I couldn’t get this song out of my head! It’s just a scrap of a corkboard, some acrylic paint, and a bit of lace glued down the edges to hide where the cork was messy and cracking! Don’t you love it when ugly little aesthetic issues inspire you to make something even more beautiful?! (Sorry about the poor picture quality! The letters are metallic but I had a really hard time getting them to reflect for the camera!)

Postage Stamp Pillow
In case you were wondering when I was going to show you something my baby sister made, here is an adorable postage stamp style pillow I got for Christmas a couple years ago! And it still goes gorgeously with my new room design! The image was simply a free download from this online tutorial that she flipped and printed onto an iron-on transfer sheet. DIY pillows are such fun and so easy! When I get a minute I wanna make all the pillows!

If you have any questions on how we put together the various projects here, leave a comment or send me an email! If I get enough requests, I would even be happy to remake something similar and put up a real DIY! Ooh, and I’d love to see what you’ve made too!

Stay lovely,

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