Monday in Wonderland: You Are What You Love

Happy Monday Lovelies!

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I saw this week’s #MondayinWonderland quote on a sticky note stuck to my older sister’s bathroom mirror a little while ago, and it’s one of those phrases that I haven’t been able to get out my head since! I quick google trip informed me that this witty phrase is a from a Fall Out Boy song (no surprise there), but it’s really just a nifty way of proclaiming a humble truth (apparently in preteen slang): Forget the haters and do yo’ thang. (This would be very amusing if you heard me saying it. Or if you heard me try to rap it!)

I’ve already kind of talked about why not to be a people pleaser. So I guess apply all that nonsense to your passions too. If you spend all you time doing things you don’t enjoy just to make people like you, you won’t be having any fun. You may have a bajillion (guys, this is actually a word!) friends, but your friends don’t make up who you are--your passions do!

I mean, at least as far as I’ve seen, it’s all kind of a cycle. You do the things you love, meet the people you end up loving, and, if you’re lucky, find a way to manifest your love and friendship for them WITH the things you love doing! And then you are just killin’ it.

So translation and then some: Forget the haters (seriously though) and do WHAT you love (that undefined “thang” I referred to) for THOSE you love (bffls).

Stay lovely,

PS: Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate.

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