DIY Thanksgiving Table Runner

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow! It’s crazy for me because my break started today and when I return I only have a week and a half of class and then finals! The holidays seem more exciting than ever because it means going home to my family and successfully surviving my first semester of college.

So because I am practically bursting at the seams with holiday joy, I wanted to honor tomorrow’s special day the way crafty bloggers do—with a DIY! And also because I am seriously in love with this little idea Sammy and I came up with last night when we surely should have been sleeping. (Teehee)

You will need:

A roll of Kraft paper
Tape measure
Ruler or yardstick
Pencil and eraser
Chisel tip Sharpie or Marks-a-lot
6” paper doilies

Step 1
Measure the length of the table for your feast, in both length and width. Add 2 feet to the table’s length, measure this length of Kraft paper and cut from the roll. You can also cut the strip skinnier to suit your table. (I had a 30” wide roll and cut it in half.)

Step 2
Using the yardstick, mark horizontal lines down the length of the kraft paper every 6” or so. This will keep you horizontal as you write, and can even be used as a spacing guide for the items.

Step 3
Make a long list of all the things you are thankful for! I also added boxes with checkmarks, because I am a very blessed girl :)

Step 4
Cut the paper doilies in half, and tape to the back of the runner so they stick out as shown!

Step 5
Add a vase full of autumn blooms, festive pumpkins, some metallic confetti perhaps, and the million and one dishes you plan on serving up, and you have a lovely Thanksgiving place setting!

And there ya go—a table runner in 30 minutes! I think even the craziest of cooks might be able to squeeze that in, right? I hope your Thanksgiving is full of loved ones, God’s blessings, and amazing food! I for one will be either cooking the day away or in a blissful food coma all of tomorrow!

Stay lovely,

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