No Pants November: I Rock a Lot of Polka Dots

Hello friends! Welcome to my first outfit post! Not only do I adore this colorful little combo, but there’s a little more behind the sudden fashion blogging as well:

Alright so I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous no-shave November. As if we needed more of an excuse than the existence of sweatpants to be lazy, it’s like this declaration by society that being lazy as fall chills down is totally a-okay. In fact, it’s completely encouraged! That being said though, I don’t tend to do things the lazy (and honestly, smarter) way. For the past four years, me and a friend or two have remixed this month of laziness to turn it into a bit of a challenge! So now I give you…

No Pants November!

Basically, I try to go the whole month without wearing jeans or sweatpants, instead styling dresses, skirts, and shorts! For me, this is a super fun way to resist the urge to crawl under fuzzy blankets the whole month and not come out. Plus, layering is one of my absolute favorite styling techniques! And you guys finally get to see this fashion nonsense I’ve been planning to do! (That is if I don’t get too cold and give up. Although it’s definitely still between 65 and 85 degrees every day here right now.)

My hope is to put up a couple of OOTD posts on Insta every week, and give you a recap of my no-pants November favorites at the end! If you care to join me, just use #nopantsNovember and #WonderlandCheshireStyle on any Instagram posts! (Oh and I don’t do no-shave and no-pants at the same time. I don’t think you would want that…)

I guess the only “rules” I can think of is that leggings don’t count as pants, but I challenge myself by only wearing them under tunics or dresses as some extra warmth. (Oversize t-shirts with leggings really aren’t my jam anyway.) As I said, I also totally permit myself to wear shorts, and sometimes layer those with fun tights!!

And no, you can’t use the excuse that everyone will think you are weird for dressing up. The common uniform here at A&M is definitely Nike shorts and t-shirts and I’m one of the few that wears dresses for more than interviews and job fairs. But I get excited about lookin’ cute! You should be able to express your personal style however you want to! Even if you don’t do no pants, I at least challenge you to find some fun way to express yourself with your clothes! Being trapped by popular style kinda stinks. You do you, babe.

I call this one "OMG, it's a tree!" On an unrelated note, I rock at outfit photos. *sarcasm implied*

And if your personal style happens to be allllll the dresses (I can’t be the only one!) then hop on the band wagon and break away from a month of sweatpants and blue jeans!

So, do I have any takers?

Stay lovely,

Update: Apparently this is already a thing on the internet! So I won't be the only cold and insane one!

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