15 Fun Gift Ideas Under $15

Hey guys! It seems like most of my holiday get-togethers this time of year involve some sort of gift swap! It’s an easy way for everyone to get a little something without everyone spending a fortune, and can be pretty dang entertaining. And while gag gifts can be super hilarious, I’m the "lame" kid who usually puts something good in. (If anything, my presents tend to be a little whimsical rather than totally silly or cheap!) And I really enjoy these “good gifts” because I just love shopping for them! I also have a fun time picking up cute little things for my friends this time a year! (Or expressing my love with literally all the cookies.)

So in case you need an idea for a cute, small gift that’s maybe just a little on the quirky side, here are some gifts I’ve been giving, receiving, or desiring!

1. A classy cosmetic pouch, and sweet smelling lotion and soap! Or crazy nail polish or sparkly eyeliners or luxurious lipstick (red obviously)—oh my!

2. Jenga and a chocolate bar (everyone loves a usable gender neutral gift!)

3. A Ninjabread cookie making kit and perhaps extra gingerbread cookie mix

4. A chocolate milk kit: patterned straws, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a cute glass! (I thrifted mine for $1!)

5. Cookies for Santa kit: A cute plate (you could easily DIY your own), sugar cookie mix, and a cute cookie cutter!

6. A mini Christmas tree with unconventional ornaments

7. Nerf guns! (Or a cheaper knock-off version. Because seriously, what children, or childish adults, don’t love shooting each other with foam bullets?)

8. A dorm-room photo kit: cute washi tape, colorful push pins, and an inexpensive picture frame (Maybe even a printed photo or two if it’s for a particular friend!)

9. Adult coloring book and colored pencils (I NEED this Alisa Burke coloring book in my life.)

10. 1. Torani holiday syrups sampler and a festive mug

11. For your single friends: “The Perfect Man” cookie cutter and ice cube tray (A perfect man frozen in time?! My bae, Steve Rogers?!)

12. Letter writing kit: Colorful pens, cards and envelopes, and maybe even a few stamps! And a request that they write to you first.

13. Fun food socks and a corresponding gift card! So for donut socks, throw in a Dunkin’ card! (Target and Forever 21 are great places to get these cheap. Also, I really want a donut now…)

14. Brownie in a mug kit: a few baggies with brownie in a mug mix, a tablespoon, a small bottle of canola oil, written instructions, and a mug of course!

15. A DIY ugly sweater kit: include a basic sweatshirt ($3-5) or thrifted sweater, a mini hot glue gun ($3-6), some felt, a bit of tinsel, pompoms, or whatever other crazy supplies you want to throw in!

What are some go-to gifts you fall back on for friends and get-togethers?


  1. I love the idea of a chocolate milk kit! It's unique but easy to put together. I think I'll gift that for my little cousins. Hopefully they will make me some chocolate milk in return. ;)

    1. Thank you so much Kim! I hope your cousins enjoy it! :)