DIY Christmas Flower Garland

I gotta say, although my childhood home is nice and my future dream house is tempting, the little place I share with my sister at the moment certainly has its perks. For starters, I have a live-in editor and sometimes photographer, and can eat way too much mac and cheese and drink my weight in chocolate milk. And whether it’s my pink bedroom or the bright, mint green kitchen and metallic artwork in the living room, this college residence can be as obnoxiously girly as we want to make it! And so I kind of ran with that this year, and decided that our sweet little Christmas tree definitely needed some flower garlands!

And yes, I know you can just buy flower garlands, but I wanted the blossoms closer than they come on any store bought piece I could locate, and my lighted fall floral garland wasn’t going to fit that bill either. Plus, stringing all these white flowers was kind of my nod to the classic popcorn garlands, which I have never been lucky to spend hours constructing! 

You will need:

Small white faux flowers (I used various bunches and flowers off of less superior store-bought garlands :P)
Little green leaves, also fake (And again, from bouquets or garlands)
Dark green string
Large needle

Remove the flowers and leaves from the bunch or garland by gently pulling them off the stem. You may need to cut them depending on the flowers you buy. Then, if you used a couple different bunches, divide them into type and count how many of each blossom you have so you can establish some kind of pattern as you string them on. You can see this alternation in the strand depicted above. (I am a little bit of a crafting control freak, I know.)

Then just string them on as you would popcorn on a garland, alternating buds with leaves folded in half as shown. How you do this will depend on the flowers you purchased. Some of mine were strung on through the plastic piece at the bottom of the flower bud, while others I just went through the petals near the base.

Tie knots on the ends of the garland if desired, and leave a tail on each end. I used this extra string at the ends to loop around branches on the tree and secure the garland in place.

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I know this project looks a little time consuming, but it actually went very quickly for me and was a great way to stay creative while studying for finals! Ok, and watching Parks and Recreation. (I recently got so hooked on the show!) However, this would also be fun to do with some food, friends, and holiday music in the background!! And if you could swing it for fresh flowers—oh my goodness that would be just lovely! I digress.

I actually used three shorter garland pieces instead of one long one that would wrap all the way around the tree. Because our tree is pushed into a corner where no one can see the back, this saved me time, money, and the excitement of being a contortionist trying to get behind the tree to string up flowers! If you are feelin’ it though, why not make a super long string of wintery flowers?!

What quirky ways have you embellished your tree this year? I don’t think that this tree would mind a few more embellishments of that sort!

Stay lovely,

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