Monday in Wonderland: Kindness is Contagious

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Some recent interactions in my life have caused me to think a lot about basic kindness in everyday life. It seems like the common behavioral response to stress and threat is to take out that behavior on others, and I understand that behavior because I’ve done this many times myself. To an extent I think it’s a natural outlet for pent-up negative emotions.

That said, this world could use a lot more kindness all the time. I guess all I’m suggesting is that in daily encounters, even with strangers, it would be so amazing if we as humans were accustomed to showing more compassion. Keeping needless comments to ourselves, sharing genuine smiles and conversations, and treating other humans as just that, even when we may be struggling ourselves.

Because kindness is contagious. Happiness is reciprocated. And you never know who may be needing a little simple kindness even more than you do, regardless of holiday shopping or finals or even the big things you are very likely facing. We are all humans and we could probably all benefit from a little more love.

This Monday in Wonderland was short, but the message is pretty simple, and how I intend to approach things, at least until the end of the semester. (But hopefully for much of my life!) Care to join me?

Stay lovely,

PS: If you are looking for some ways to increase your kindness and support for others, I found out about the Dressember foundation and in this past week. Check out the websites if you are interested! And good luck in all you may be up against right now. *virtual hugs*

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