My Christmas Gift to You (and a DIY too!)

Christmas is almost here!!! I am so so so excited! And in honor of that excitement and the Christmas magic and Jesus (for reals though), my Monday in Wonderland this week isn’t the usual doodle and rant. In fact, all I promised you on Mondays was some doodling and typing and both those things are here, right now.

My little, early Christmas gift to you is some fun, free downloadables to make gift tags and cards! It really is as easy as print on cardstock and cut out, thanks to my tech-savvy sister!

Then again, could I really make things that easy? The downloads are just black and white, and I like to throw the kitchen sink at my crafts around here (definitely an expression, not literally…), so I also included a couple fun ways to embellish said gift tags and cards! Really, this is like a collaboration between me and any of you lovely souls who want to use my doodles to dress up your gifts!

Watercolor (because, watercolor!!)

I have been obsessed with watercoloring things since I made some watercolor paper Christmas ornaments a couple weeks ago. (My last Monday in Wonderland actually had watercolor also.) So these gift tags got a fun treatment too! To make sure the colors blend together well, you will need to add water to all the wells of color you want to use before starting. Then work really fast and with lots of water! It’s also helpful to kind of wash your lightest shade over the whole thing as the last step! A little messy, but so pretty!

A Touch of Gold (this shouldn’t even kind of surprise you by now)

All I used for these was an extra-fine tip sharpie oil based paint marker in gold. Because even though I am proud of my little drawings, I think a little metallic embellishment makes them even better!

And finally, after all my rambling, here are the actual links to download!

I hope y'all enjoy my little holiday gift to you guys! Have the merriest and brightest next few weeks!

Stay lovely,

PS: If you use these guys, tag me in a pic! It would make my heart so happy!

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