Eat Me: Spice It Up!

Hello internet! Today I am talking about soup, because it’s basically the cure for cold weather. It always reminds me of fall and family and yes, I do get nostalgic about just about everything. Also, it’s been my vegetable source of choice since college started! I particular, we get vegetable-blend soups at HEB, which I know is in Texas only, but now they have an expanded online store! (And no, I’m not being paid for this. They are just good grocery stores with good soup!) I like these because they come in good flavor groupings, are full of veggies, and are just creamy enough! The only thing is that they aren’t too heavy on the spices—but that’s where this post comes in! I’ll be sharing some fun and quick spice blends to fancy up your soups! Here we go!

Pumpkin Pie Chai Spice


Go easy on the cloves and nutmeg, moderate on the ginger and cardamom, and heavy on the cinnamon! I don’t have exact measurements, because preferences and base soups differ, but you can always start off light and add more!

Garden Fresh

8 oz HEB green soup (pea, zucchini, and kale)
Ground sage
Sea Salt (we use Himalayan pink salt, and not just because it’s pink and I’m basically a child. Tastes good too!)

Heaviest on the salt, moderate on the other two.

Tex-Mex Roasted Corn (Yes, this is fall to me in Texas)

8 oz HEB yellow soup (Yellow carrot, corn, and yellow bell pepper)
Chili powder
Sea salt
Lime zest 

Zest lime, mix with the salt, and chop through the mix a few times with a kitchen knife to grind it together and make lime salt before adding to soup. Then just a sprig or two of cilantro, and a moderate dose of chili powder!

I really hope that you can find some alternatives to the soups I used, because these flavor combinations are so tasty and simple to dress up any meal! We just heated these in the microwave after adding spices, but I think slowly heating on the stove top with spices already mixed in would be AMAZING! (Maybe I’ll actual have time to try it that way! Ya know, after finals…)

What’s your favorite soup for the holiday season? (Assuming that I am not the only one who associates soup with the holiday season!)

Stay lovely,


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