More DIY Ornaments!

Hello once again, my friends! Today I thought I’d share a collection of a few more very simple and inexpensive ornament ideas that are currently in use on our tree. It’s not necessarily anything super fancy or original, but simple things that you can make inexpensively and that still look really cute! I am loving the way our tree is coming together so simply, whimsically and somehow gracefully! Also, there is nothing breakable up there yet! So for cats, dogs, small children and klutzy adults, these ornaments are totally safe! (I’m… dreaming… of a non-flammable and non-threatening Christmas... Catchy new song in my opinion.)

Jingle bells

Large jingle bells of your desired color scheme (so gold for us—duh!) and coordinating ribbon will quickly have you jingling to a visibly decorated tree!

Origami ornament friends!

We found some GORGEOUS gold-foiled Christmas scrapbook paper and had to use it. And from there, YouTube and Pinterest supplied all the origami tutorials you could ever need! I struggled through an elephant and Sammy made a T-Rex, then I gave up and made seven swans a-swimming with my middle-school origami expertise! And then stars and hearts and things :)

Simple is better for these, because scrapbook paper is heavier weight than origami paper, and therefore can start to tear if you get too complicated! If you want to avoid this though, you can also find Christmas patterned origami paper! Which would’ve been way way smarter—but not as sparkly!

Golden feathers

I didn’t get these up on the tree before taking photos, but I think they are both eccentric and adorable! I added 2 coats of liquid leaf* to stiff craft feathers and a sprinkle of fine gold glitter on top. Insert the stems of the feathers into a Styrofoam block to dry. Then thread a needle, stitch through the stem of the feather, and knot it off into a loop!

*This product has heavy fumes and requires paint thinner to get off your brushes, so you may want to opt for gold acrylic or spray paint instead!

Gilded baking soda ornaments

Just use this recipe, cookie cutters, random textured objects, and a little gold acrylic paint to highlight your textures! You can also sprinkle glitter on the ornaments before they dry or use Mod Podge to add glitter afterward! Super cute, fun, and easy!

Everything else you see was either included with our $20 Craigslist Christmas tree, or purchased at Hobby Lobby when it was half off. Well except for the water color paper ornaments and flower garland!

Homemade ornaments really do warm my heart, and adding a few to our tree brought some bittersweet nostalgia for sure. How’s your holiday decorating coming along?

Stay lovely,

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