No Pants November: Final Wrap Up of 2015!

 Hello friends! The final week of No Pants November has passed, and I have to say that I had so much fun with this little fashion challenge this year! It was a little more intense than usual, because unlike in high school I was actually outside throughout the day, so layering got even more fun!

I'm sure you've heard of the famous Thanksgiving pants of Joey from Friends, and this was my version! This babydoll is dress had basically no constraints on my tummy, allowing for all the savory goodies and pie I wanted. Including my little sister's request of Thanksgiving queso. I think that totally needs to be a tradition now.

Also, I'm not sure if you can see from the photo, but I added these super sparkly, gold tights when I went back to take pictures! (I didn't leave the house on Thanksgiving, so the cute tights were passed over for turkey!) I saw them at Target and my heart was set on adding them to my holiday looks! Because gold, guys. GOLD. How can you even be more festive than that?!

Dress/Forever 21 // tights / The Red Dot Boutique ;) // booties / Charlotte Russe

A couple more favorite items this week were my shark shirt and mustard skirt! Both these pieces get so much use during fall and winter! I love the cute shark pattern, and the skirt color just screams vintage and autumn, don't you think? Also, a shark shirt calls for a shark pose. Just in case you were wondering what the heck I was doing...

Top/H&M // skirt/Cotton On // boots/Costco // socks/Target // necklace/Charming Charlie

Apparently I am aggressive and sleepy these days--thanks college!

I definitely got more acquainted with leggings this past month, because some days it was too cold not to! And they are so comfy. And finals coming up, and naps all day... I think that about explains it.

I got another round out of my trusty mustard cardigan that was also in No Pants November Week 2! As excited as I was about this lazy outfit though, I wonder why on earth I didn't think of complementing this with burgundy lipstick! (Oh yeah, I was probably asleep..)

Cardigan/thrifted // tank/Old Navy // leggings/Costco // necklace/made with a tutorial from Sincerely Kinsey

Last but not least, this is the only shorts with tights outfit I wore all month! I mean, that's practically a crime for me! Luckily though, my brain put together 2 patterns, a pop of color, and an excuse to wear red lipstick just in the nick of time! (Literally on the last day of the month!)

Top/H&M // scarf/stolen from seester // shorts/thrifted // tights/Gap // booties/gifted

So that is it for today! I'm so glad I finally got motivated to do some outfit posts, because they were just so fun for me! Hopefully, I will be adding more posts to #WonderlandCheshireStyle and this blog in the future! I already have some holiday outfits in mind!

Oh and just for giggles, did you happen to have a favorite No Pants November outfit of mine?

Stay lovely,

PS: No Pants November weeks 1, 2, and 3!

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