A Golden Opportunity... For Jamming Out!

You know the weekend's going to be crazy when I start using puns that bad.

Wordplay aside though, I am so excited for the next couple days and the months to follow! I'm finishing up packing (basically everything I own) for college and will be driving up bright and early tomorrow to start a new chapter in my life. I am glowing with anticipation! Or could I say, sparkling? (Okay yeah, this is basically my overwhelmed mental state in word form.)

So as I pack, I will be jamming out and basking in the golden glow of new opportunities awaiting me. Care to join in? Here are six metallic tracks straight from my current vibe!

1. Gold // Imagine Dragons
2. Fire N Gold // Bea Miller
3. Burning Gold // Christina Perri
4. House of Gold // twenty one pilots (Sorry the video is really weird!)
5. Gold // Wake Owl
6. Gold On the Ceiling // The Black Keys

Or watch the full playlist here! And leave a comment on how you pack for a temporary move--this is going to be a process! *nervous emoji*

Update: Find the Spotify playlist here

Stay lovely,

PS: I compiled a playlist of Upbeat Summer Love Songs from last Saturday's post as well!


  1. Gotta love some Christina Perri! I am excited for this journey of yours. College is fun, scary and exciting. Ready to read about some of your experiences.

    1. I can't wait to document some of them! It's going to be a crazy few years and I'm really happy to have this space to document it :)