DIY Giant Flower Crown

For the past couple of years, I have had a week or so during my summer break where I just make all the flower crowns. I don’t know what it is, flowers are supposed to be a spring thing after all! Maybe it’s just that I have the time or that I like to feel like a woodland princess as I do my mundane housework. Either way though, I’ve made enough flower crowns at this point that I’ve developed my own “super-secret” method… that I will now share with the whole internet.

Now I know flower are like so three years ago (read: timeless), but when they first debuted on DIY blogs I felt like I couldn’t find a good method anywhere! If you are in the same boat and want to feel a little more like a princess, maybe you can give this a try! Or maybe just be inspired to be a little more obnoxious in your headwear. Nothing wrong with that either.

You will need:
2 bunches of large synthetic flowers (at least 4-5 of each color)
Floral wire
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun
Floral tape

Measure Your Base:
First you need to make the loop for your crown. Because I had pre-cut lengths of wire I had to twist two together, but this wouldn’t be necessary if you buy it on a spool. Basically to measure the length, just wrap it around your head and kink the wire in the back, but don’t close the loop yet! Now on to the flowers!

Prep Your Flowers:
Cut the individual flowers off the stem an inch or so from the base of the flower, and slide off the small plastic piece that keeps the petals together.

This is also a good time to beautify any squished or bent petals. Simply add a small dot of hot glue near the base of the petal just inside the one you want to fix. Fold up the outer petal and hold it in place for a second while the glue cools. It’s important not to place the glue too high on the petal to maintain a natural appearance.

Add a Floral Wire Stem:
With the plastic ring removed, wrap one end of an 8” length of wire 2-3 times around the small amount of stem remaining at the flowers base, and bend the end of the wire parallel to the stem piece. Slide the plastic piece you removed down the floral wire but not onto the stem piece yet. Apply a ring of hot glue over the wire you wrapped around the base. Then, slide the plastic piece all the way on. Wrap your wire 2-3 times more around the stem outside the plastic piece. Bend the wire parallel to the stem as before and secure with a dot of glue at the bend.

Repeat this procedure until you have added stems to 5 flowers of one color, and 4 flowers of the other.

Attach Flowers to the Crown:
Essentially all you’re doing is wrapping the wire end you added around the crown. Starting in the center, spiral the floral wire around the crown a few times in one direction, then bend it back and circle around the stem bit. I repeat this in the other direction, and end coiling the wire end around the stem piece!

Repeat this with all the flowers you added stems to, alternating colors. After all your flowers are added, test the circumference of the crown again. You can now twist the ends together to close your loop! Wrap floral tape all around your crown, trying the cover the exposed stem pieces so they don’t poke you in the head.

Add Leaves to the Crown
Alright last step! For each side of the crown you’ll need one set of 3 leaves, one set of 2 and an individual leaf. For the 3 and 2, add a bit of glue at the edge of one leaf, and cinch then together to create the clusters shown above. Starting with your set of 3, run a line of glue down the upper side of the center of the leaf, and secure it to the crown. Then take your individual leaf, and with a small dot of glue on the back, glue the flat end at the intersection of the leaves in your group of 3. Then glue the group of 2 on top to create an additional tier of foliage! Gluing the first set to the back sandwiches the wire between your leaves, making their attachment more secure.

Okay, I kinda lied. There is one more baby step if you so choose—you can glue in individual leaves intermittently among your flowers if you fancy it! Just add a dot of glue between the front of a leaf and the back of a flower, and try to place the leaves at an angle so they don’t stick awkwardly out of the crown.

Moody #modelstatus

And then how I usually look!

That was a lot of steps, but I hope it clarified one process for assembling a flower crown! Obviously, these techniques could be used with various flowers sizes and colors so you can make yourself a woodland princess accessory for every summer outfit! (I just really like over-the-top crowns!)

So what’s your favorite random, perhaps seasonally inaccurate, summer accessory? Hopefully someone’s is as obnoxious as mine!

Stay lovely,

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