Cheshire Style: Mixing Swimsuit Separates

For most of the northern hemisphere, summer is winding down. Temperatures are cooling, school is about to resume, and we are becoming increasingly aware of the proximity of that awkward transition between seasons. And then you have Texas. There’s not much of that transition here at all. Forecasts predict heat for at least two more months, and then suddenly a cool front will blow in and it’ll be on and off summer heat and winter “chills” through December. So as the heat continues, so do my hours floating around the pool.

Whether your summer is quickly dwindling or seemingly perpetual, I wanted to show y’all some of the adorable swimsuit combos I have been sporting all season (and will be wearing until Thanksgiving). Mixing swimwear separates is easy and fun, and these are some the “rules” I keep in mind to build my favorite combos. (Note: Rules regarding personal style are meant to be broken.)

Basic Black
Okay so this isn’t a fun, vibrant mix or anything but if you are looking for fun ways to mix up your swimwear, black basics are a great way to start! They go with basically everything or stand effortlessly on their own. Any of the tops or bottoms pictured hereafter would go with these pieces, essentially doubling your swimwear portfolio.

Plus, I had to talk about this swimsuit (and no, not because anyone is paying me). I got both pieces at Walmart for $15 total and the top comes in bra sizes. Even if the bottoms aren’t perfect for you, that’s still a pretty great deal. It’s called a “Bra-kini,” so the fabric is traditional swimsuit material, if only a bit thinner. I haven’t had any problems with durability or sheerness though, and it is adjustable in the straps and around the bust, unlike any other midkini I’ve purchased.

Top and Bottoms/Walmart

Statement Color + Neutral
My ModCloth obsession is alive and well with this adorable sunshine yellow top I picked up very recently on sale! I love love LOVE the fun color- what’s summer swimwear without an ode to our stellar friend that drives us to the pool in the first place? The easiest way to wear a hue this bright is to go neutral on the bottoms. I love how these bottoms have a denim look that makes them as versatile as a good ol’ pair of blue jeans (but you know, for the pool).

Top/ModCloth //Bottoms/ Target old (similar here and here)

Pattern + Neutral
Similar to the pairing above, a crazy patterned top can be well served with some neutral bottoms. (I told you black works with everything!) This top in particular even got some pattern mixing in itself when I saved a removable strap from a dying, preteen bikini that went to the garbage. Floral and stripes is seriously the best, and coordinates with the bottoms!

On a side note, anyone else noticing a midkini trend here? I must say, it is my favorite style of top, because it is a little more modest while being secure and comfortable. Plus how about those high-waisted bottoms? Seriously the best ones I’ve found. They aren’t super heavy weight, but they fit wonderfully and go all the way up to my natural waist, past my belly button. And oh yeah—only $20! (I really want to try out the blue or white as well!)

Top/Delia’s (similar)// Bottoms/Topshop

 Color + Pattern
And now finally we are breaking away from the neutral with double color and pattern! (Yes, more high-waisted, but not a midkini.) I am thoroughly convinced that if one piece is a pattern and the other is solid, you can mix almost any two swimsuit pieces, as long as a coordinating color is present! I bought a lot of matching sets early in high school and outgrew or wore out one piece or the other. For the remaining piece then, the easy solution was to get a complimentary color solid!

Top/Target (same cut, similar color) // bottoms/ModCloth (the orange is no longer sold, but the same suit in mint is adorable!)

These are my favorite swimsuit mixes for this summer and probably every “pool season” in the future. You probably already have a ton of mixable pieces (and hopefully a few more combos now), but honestly what better time to get mixing than when swim separates are on clearance practically everywhere?! You may not be able to get a full, matching set of your dreams, but if you can snag an exquisite top or bottom for cheap, you have all you need to make a statement, and you can invest in some durable, coordinating solids when next swim season comes around. My favorite places to shop for suits are ModCloth (on sale) and Target. Urban Outfitters also has some adorable styles I'm saving up for, and Unique Vintage has some amazing and affordable retro pieces, if you can snag them during their flash sales! (Keep in mind, I am on a college kid budget, so inexpensive swimwear is what I gravitate to!)

So how will you keep your swimwear mix alive as the temperature turns?

Stay lovely,


  1. Such cute styles! My summer has been crazy, so I have yet to enjoy a good relaxing day out in the sun. Like you said though, its Texas so there will be plenty of days for that (hopefully).

  2. I agree, Texas weather is pretty unpredictable. I hope you get a few lazy days in the sun too though! :D