Monday In Wonderland: Choose Happy

Happy Monday loves! It’s story time!

I was in band for the entirety of my high school career, and as a student leader, we had a day-long workshop every summer about a path to success. In these workshops, we talked a lot about leading our bandmates and working as a team, but I have to say the most long-lasting impact of these weekends was studying the accomplishments of some of the world’s most “successful” and learning about habits that help you reach your goals. One habit that was continually stressed was continuously deciding on positivity—choosing happiness.

Though not easy, this week’s #MondayinWonderland relies on the fact that outside of extreme circumstances, our daily attitudes are often determined by our reactions to the events in our lives. That’s not saying we’ll be happy every second of the day, or even every day at all. It’s simply a decision to try to look for the positives when we stub our toes and burn ourselves with the flat iron. We could be grumpy all day, slide down a slope of negativity, and put others out. Or we could simply just try to move on. Especially when there are so many bigger things to hold us down, brushing off the little stuff and waking up every day with a commitment to try and be happy is simply refreshing. Choosing happiness isn’t about life being perfect. It’s about living with what you’ve got in the most positive way you can. This week, whatever you may face, to be as happy as you can, because joy is contagious and self-perpetuating.

Let me know what it is that you can choose happiness for in the next seven days! I wish you the best of luck on the quest for silver linings this week, and just so you can have a reminder, here is your free download!

Stay lovely,

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