Monday in Wonderland: Be Yourself

Happy Monday!

My first college class begins exactly one week from today! Oh. My. Goodness.

I am in a completely disjointed state of excitement and nervousness and so today’s #MondayinWonderland is simply going to be a mess of ramblings. It’s really more of a letter to myself but I thought maybe a couple people out there might need to hear it too. (Giving yourself a pep talk is normal, right?) So here is why I am going to be unapologetically Corin as my new semester starts! (Yes, this is pretty cheesy. #sorrynotsorry)

Transcription of text:

“Be Yourself.

There are 7 billion people on this planet and each one is unique. We all have certain attributes that make us who we are, both physically and mentally. From hair color to skin type to the shape of your nose, you are a unique collection and parts and pieces that can never be replicated—and that is just on the surface!

Your mind is yours too and yours alone. Your thoughts, your emotions, even your experiences are unlike anyone else’s. It’s pretty remarkable that one species exists in such infinite combinations. From the second you wake until you rest and even in your dreams, no internal path is like your own. Your dreams and ideas can never be replicated. You can never be replaced.

And yet, no matter how unique you are, there is still someone you share pieces with. Those pieces unite us so why be anyone other than you? You are special.

Besides, out of 7 billion, someone is bound to love you for you.”

If you wrote yourself a pre-college pep talk what would you say? (You can download this one of mine here.) Also, any one piece of advice I may be missing before I begin it all?!

Stay lovely,

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