Upbeat Love Songs for Your Summer Saturdays

Happy Saturday! Obviously the weekend means party time and so I thought a mini Saturday playlist might be in order!

Basically, I have always been quite a bit of romantic, even since the age of six or so when I began “shipping” couples in Disney movies. I just love love! Similarly, I have an entire playlist of love songs on my phone just because it’s kinda lovely to listen to. I will admit, however, that one slow, sappy ballad after another is not the most pumped up way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. So behold: five fantastically upbeat love songs to sing at the top of your lungs whether you’re in love or not! (They’re just too fun either way!)

1. Somebody Loves You // Betty Who
2. Aquaman // Walk The Moon
3. Be My Forever // Christina Perri
4. Something I Need // OneRepublic
5. Still Into You // Paramore
6. Let’s Love // Echosmith

Update: Listen to the playlist on Spotify by clicking here :)

Stay lovely,

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