DIY Acrostic Chalkboard Letters

I am a major word nerd. From vocabulary quizzes and essays to quotes and poetry, I have always loved the beauty a phrase or two could create. I am also, as you’ll see, pretty obsessed with crafting. And so when first grade rolled around and I was introduced to the Mother’s Day acrostic assignment, I think I must have been pretty hooked. Words and colors and illustrations all in one place if I so desired?! Now that’s just heaven on construction paper for a little, hyperactive mind! Plus, I felt so professional being a tiny poet. (Yes, I was a professional by first grade.)

So in respect to the almighty acrostic poem, and thanks my sister’s purchase of excess chalkboard paint, I decided to bring back some childhood with chalkboard letters as the ultimate canvas for some letter-matching mischief.

You will need:
Wooden letters
Chalkboard paint (you can make your own, but I had left over Glidden chalkboard paint from the Disney line in “Geared Up Grey”)
Paintbrush of your choosing
Chalk pencil or marker
Command strips
Plain chalk (optional)

Now while I could break it down into steps, this tutorial is really as easy as painting all visible sides of your letters, waiting for the paint to cure, and coming up with some cute phrases to match each letter of your word! I would suggest drawing all over each letter with some plain chalk and erasing before writing your phrase to give that “chalkboard look.” Then, just hang with Command strips for easy removal later.

Aaaand that’s it! Super easy right? For my acrostic, I used lyrics from the classic song “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole. It reminds me of 1998 version of The Parent Trap, and nostalgia on top of nostalgia is always a good thing, right?! 

This DIY is incredibly simple and I love versatile it is! You can switch up the phrase on each letter. You can recycle some letters if you want to create a new word! You can use it as a child’s learning tool (probably using cardboard letters) or a childish adult’s décor item (like me)! And it helps that chalkboard paint, chalk markers, and wooden letters come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles! The possibilities are basically endless.

Thanks for letting me share! Let me know if you have any other cheesy plans to reminisce about the “Disney days” with your décor! (I say cheesy very lovingly.) I would seriously love to hear them!

Stay lovely,


  1. Chalkboard paint is so much fun! I have a chalboard wall in my room. I miss it! Lol

    1. My sister painted the insides of her bedroom doors with this paint and it is the cutest thing! And lucky for me there was extra!