Monday in Wonderland: Dancing On a Monday

Good morning internet and happy Monday! For this first real blog post of mine, I decided to start a little something that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time! It’s not especially big or brilliant, just my Monday morning gift to you, as part of my resolution to make my Mondays just a smidge brighter and add a little more positivity to my life and my week!

Monday mornings aren’t my main squeeze and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Whether the work week is beginning, your next paper is due, or you’re just not a morning person, I totally get it. That is exactly why I am setting out to treat a bad case of the Monday’s one inspirational doodle at a time! I am so SO excited to start a long string of Monday positivity for you guys! A little doodle and a little writing to wake you up with a smile! Here we go!

This first #MondayinWonderland (yes, we are starting a hashtag) is courtesy of my own personal positivity consultant, AKA my best friend. She is a lovely ball of sunshine and is soon departing for the wintery cold of Ohio, so I need her good vibes now more than ever before! (I know Ohio isn’t as cold as some places, but we are both Texas natives.) She’s taught me over the many years of sleepovers and car rides (and dreary Mondays too) that sometimes dancing in public is a good thing. Being awkward is fabulous. And being happy is a joyous decision we make every second of our lives.

So as the lovely Theresa says, feel your heartbeat and dance to the rhythm of life! Sure, it’s Monday, but it’s also the start of another day of living. So let’s live with a smile and a little groove. Because sometimes you just get the boogies in you and you’ve got to get them out!

Have a beautiful week full of life! And here’s to many more Monday mornings together!

Stay lovely,

PS: You can download this Monday’s quote free!