Halloween Makeup Inspiration

I remember one year for Christmas or a birthday or something, me and my sisters got a huge makeup set with blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks of every color. This was basically the Holy Grail of poor quality kid makeup, all encased in little pink containers with purple stars. And I have a hunch there was some glitter there too! (But then again, what little girl’s makeup kit isn’t exploding with glitter?) I loved playing with this stuff and even have some fabulous (read: embarrassing) pictures of my seven-year-old self with regrettably blue eyeshadow, vibrant magenta blush (which was not at all near my cheek bones), and “perfectly applied” lipstick in that awkward shade between red and pink. Since then though, my experience with makeup hasn’t grown all that much.

That said, I still find makeup totally beautiful and fascinating! In fact, I basically have an addiction to YouTube makeup tutorials, usually for character looks, fantasy and special effects. With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my favorite channels and videos! Who knows, maybe I’ll even get super courageous and try one of these out!

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’ve seen this girl’s Instagram or videos before, but this was the beginning of it all for me! I mean how fun is taking something pretty and messing it up a little (read a lot… with blood)! Plus, although it would take practice, all of her tutorials are totally possible with basic supplies rather than crazy SFX nonsense! And she’s super full of personality and downright fun! (Psst, if you wanna be a glowing, toxic mermaid, click above!)

This may actually be the sweetest girl on the internet. Not to mention, her looks are notoriously cute and therefore more likely to make their way into my Halloween attire. (Sorry, I’m a baby when it comes to the scary and creepy. Don’t want to scare myself!) There’s plenty of shimmer, glitter, and fantasy! Plus how she does all this while going to college I can’t understand. So just pass along her time management skills to me, and then you can find out how to become Kim Possible, okay?

Alright, so this is another channel with some "make it pretty, then add some blood," but with an amazing twist—so many Disney versions! I think there’s a gorgeous (and optionally turned gory) version of just about every Disney princess. I mean, even if I’m too much of a ‘fraidy cat to become half tiger, I can still turn into Jasmine and that’s pretty great. (Also, all the Inside Out characters!)

Finally, this channel can be a little on the gore/scary side as well, but there are some just plain cool looks too, like this insanely beautiful Red Queen inspired look! (I mean you are in my Wonderland at the moment, you had to see this coming right?!) I also love how incredibly real and hilarious the artist behind all these videos is. It’s a crazy popular channel, but in case you’re like me and basically just found out about it, (and then binge-watched a lot of videos…) here you go!

Now you know of my obsession! Guess I couldn’t keep it a secret when there are so many great Halloween makeups on the ever-expanding interwebs. Also, I’m thinking of referencing some of these channels as my Halloween costume(s) come together! I can’t wait to show y’all!

So what’s the consensus on these makeup tutorials my friends? Too gross and scary, or just plain fun? Any other YouTube obsessions out there or Halloween looks you’re considering?!

Stay lovely,

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