DIY Nostalgic Key Hooks

Decorating a whole house is such a big task, especially amid college craziness, that sometimes I swear I’m just going to quit and buy all the d├ęcor. People do, and it’s beautiful, and everything would be done! But then Sam (my roommate/sister/bestie) and I come up with an adorable idea and I remember why it is I want to DIY everything. (Plus the fact that I don’t really have much money…)

These adorable key hooks were one of these ideas that I just couldn’t find anywhere else. And for any other crafters out there, you know what it’s like to have a picture in your head that you can’t substitute for something adorable at a store! It’s like you need to make it, you know?

You will need:
Wooden plaque
Wood stain
Wide paintbrush and rag
Chalk pencil
Fine artist’s brush
Gold foil transfer sheets (we used ArtDeco brand)
Foil adhesive
Teacup hooks

Step 1
Stain your wood according to package directions. Pay special attention to drying instructions and whether or not you need to wipe off excess stain (we had to). It will be very important to stain your wood well now so the gold foil adhesive will stick well later. Immediately clean brush as instructed on stain, and let dry completely (probably overnight). Recoat if necessary!

Step 2
Carefully and lightly sketch your design onto the plaque with chalk pencil. Sam used a ruler to evenly space the triangles and then I free-handed the letters (but replicating a font would be a good option too).

Step 3
Paint a thick coat of adhesive on the letters and within the triangles on the edges with a fine artist’s brush. Let dry completely (a couple hours for this thick of a coat).

Step 4
Place the foil, shiny side up, on top of your plaque and rub with your thumb or a rag to transfer the foil. Go back and add adhesive anywhere the foil didn’t cover really well, and repeat the same procedure.

Step 5
Mark the location of each teacup hook with the chalk pencil, then screw them into the wood, making sure to end with the hooks turned upward. We centered our hooks between the triangles along the bottom of the plaque, but adapt your design as you see fit.

Step 6
Hang up and admire!

In this case, making rather than buying was 100% worth it. I love that the signs are both whimsical and sophisticated! Also, the triangles added around the edges are reminiscent of teeth (did you notice that?!), making the total design even more fun and nostalgic. And functional. I all too often forget to actually make DIY’s that do something other than look pretty, so this is really wonderful!

So what recent ideas have you had recently that you simply had to customize with your own two hands?! Maybe something more than a set of key hooks?

Stay lovely, 

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