DIY Merida Costume and Halloween Roundup

Hey guys! I know I've been saying it for the last week and a half but HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (Mostly because today is finally actually Halloween.) I wasn't originally planning to do yet another costume post so last minute, but we put this baby together in just a few hours and it is debatably my favorite of the year! So why the heck not right? Maybe you are even quite the procrastinator (like me)!

So when boy couldn't come to a Halloween party yesterday evening, my backup was obviously a Disney Princess. (Not that I knew which one or if I had enough costume pieces to accomplish that idea.) Then rainy weather, the resultant frizzy hair, and a gorgeous skirt I can't get enough of brought this nonsense to life!

We simply added some gold ribbon to a teal top using a running stitch, tied some tulle around my waist, and made the beautiful buckle with fun foam, scrapbook card-stock, and leftover gold spray paint from both Halloween party decor and Cinderella pumpkins! (Also full of easy, last minute tutorials!) And when I say we, I mean my amazing older sis Sam. I would be costume-less (or failing art history so that I could make a costume) without that wonderful girl!

Oh and combat boots with fallen socks were totally essential with Merida's pretty, sparkly skirt!

As for my hair, it was already pretty voluminous from the 100% humidity of the day, so I just curled a few tiny strands in the very top layer to channel Merida's messy vibe and misted it with orange spray color. Makeup was pretty natural, with the focus on looking flushed in the face and making my eyes all big and Disney-like!

So when Sam and I open our costumery company, we will both brainstorm, she will sew, and I will style hair and do makeup. (In case you didn't know, sewing is not my jam.) You'd come see us, right?

And finally, here's your bonus of all the other fun costumes we threw together this year, some more involved than others! (Links provided for the ones I've blogged about!)

Olive from Easy A (Yes, I know, Sam's a genius.)

Gender-Swapped Little Red Riding Hood

Sultry, Glam Pirate
"Where's the rum gone?"

R and Julie from Warm Bodies

And vintage Minnie Mouse 2 ways!

So, friends, we got a bit carried away with Halloween, but it has been so incredibly fun! In my first costume post, I mentioned not dressing up in 4 years, and boy have I made up for it this October! I'm hoping to plan better next year and get you tutorials earlier so we can all join in on the fun!

I hope you have an amazing and safe Halloween. And eat all the candy for me, okay?

Stay lovely,

PS: In case you’re more into decorations and food than costumes! (Or love all three!)

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