Monday in Wonderland: Start Small

Happy Monday! In keeping with the usual, I have a new #MondayinWonderland for you!

Ok, so I know I said last week’s was my favorite, but this week’s doodle is totally my favorite too. Like when you have two best friends! (Except these are silly, pretty, completely inanimate doodles and not humans. I mean I know art can “come to life,” but I hope not like that!) It’s inspired by Alisa Burke’s beautiful mandalas and those Spirograph things! Because that’s the kind of stuff my brain merges together.

(Download here)

This doodle relates to a lot of different things in my life right now. I talked last week about my excitement for the future, and using that as a way to stay “out of the dumps.” Along with that is a sense of newness in everything, which gives me an amazing opportunity to grow, especially in the ways that I choose to nurture.

The thing about growth though, is that you can’t rush it. (Unless you get injected with super-serum or are exposed to radioactivity! By the way, I love the Avengers. Cap is my fave. *heart eyes*) I know I’m feeling pressure from myself to just up and make some new, close friends already, but it doesn’t work like that. The same is true with organizations. I’m a bit (okay, a lot) bossy by nature, but I’m at a time in my life where following and learning are my primary roles.

And lastly this applies to my blog. It’s not even a sentiment that’s fame-seeking. I’m just proud of creating this beautiful, miniature world that’s all mine, and I want people to see it! I want to spread joy and maybe even laughter if I can. But without a period of organic growth, would this place even turn into what it’s meant to be? I’d say probably not. You can’t rush growth or change. You can only be patient and embrace it.

All things start with baby steps, and that’s what makes them simultaneously challenging, beautiful, and valuable when they mature. Whatever growth you are waiting for, just let it happen as it does! And ya know, make it vibrant! It is life after all, right? Even the unknown can be a party sometimes!

Stay lovely,

PS: Here's a black and white PDF of the doodle in case you want to print out and color!

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