"Warm Bodies" R and Julie Couple's Costume

I am a huge sucker for chick flicks. I love watching unlikely characters fall in love and be all cute! I always have and I am so incredibly lucky to say that my silly boyfriend does too (or at the very least he pretends to for my sake)! Plus, how fun is it when your lovestruck characters have to fight off the undead? For those reasons, the second Halloween couple’s costume is R and Julie from Warm Bodies!! (Psst, here’s the first!)

Again, this costume is pretty simple overall, but we had to go more specific on individual pieces to try and match the characters from the movie. Boy’s outfit is basically the same and his gender-swapped little red one, just with the help of some scissors and fake blood. He has a slightly destructed gray t-shirt, jeans, a red hoodie and a zombie face. The emphasis in my costume was on the blue plaid shirt and a secondhand military-style jacket, with a tan tank underneath.

As you can see though, the biggest seller for this costume is the zombie makeup! We used some translucent powder to pale the boy out and red-purple and black smudged eye shadows around the eyes. We also used a really cheap blue eyeliner pencil to add in the veins on “R’s” neck and messed up his hair.

And that’s really all there was to this costume! Now we just have to decide which one to wear on Halloween! Any votes? (Find the other costume here.)

 Let me know which costume you liked better and what your couples, singles, or group costumes will be like this year! I am having such a great time getting into the Halloween spirit!

Stay lovely,

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