Gender-Swapped Red Riding Hood Couple's Costume

Halloween is just over a week away and guys—I am so excited! I can eat all the Kit-Kats in sight, watch scary Halloween movies (just kidding, I’m a baby), and FINALLY dress up. I haven’t been able to do that since the 8th grade when I was Ke$ha! (Because I was an eighth grade rebel child yo.)

So in the honor of this super-fun holiday, I have a couple presents for you! (I was gonna say 3, but the boy’s cute face is probably a big deal to me only…) I have 2 super cute and totally last-minute potential Halloween couple's costumes! I just think couple's and group costumes are the most fun and, luckily, that boy allows me to indulge in my crazy schemes!

The first of these is a gender-swapped little red riding hood because, well, I’ve been costume deprived for the last 4 years and sometimes it makes you go a little nutso. I concocted this idea after watching an amazing makeup tutorial from one of my YouTube faves FreshBlush! (In case you missed it, I totally have an obsession with makeup tutorials.) She did this video of little red riding hood and the wolf and I just thought that I HAD to be the wolf, so obviously some mixing up was in order.

The costume is pretty simple overall and can be totally adapted as you see fit. The only things that I really think are necessary are the red hoodie (duh) and an identifier for the wolf, whether it’s makeup or little ears.

Just in case you want the specifics though, the boy has jeans, a gray t-shirt, a red plaid button down (to channel the lumberjack a bit), and this red hoodie from Forever21.

As for me, I just collected a black top and skater skirt to be paired with my sister’s fishnets and a cropped fur vest, which she so graciously made me, but you could easily find at a store. (Thank you so much sister dear—I love you! Yeah, she kinda told me to say that but, yes, I do mean it!) She also made the ears with extra craft fur, a headband, and hot glue. And from there, it was just the crazy-gorgeous makeup inspired by this video!

So what do you think? Are y’all getting the red riding hood vibe, or am I just a little crazy? Let me know what you think, how you might change it, (cuz I still have time for suggestions) and if you might try it out yourself!

Stay lovely,

PS: Don’t forget to check out my other couple’s costume (out tomorrow), because this time the boyfriend has to wear the makeup! (I guess he likes me or something. Weird, right?)

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