Speedy (and Glamorous) Halloween Decor and Treats

Hello friends! Happy Halloween! I’ve been offline for the past few days because my sister dearest and I were prepping for a cute little Halloween get together and well… we can get a little carried away with our decorating sometimes! (And then there’s the whole vacuuming and cleanliness nonsense that you have to attend to so your friends don’t think you’re gross!)

Anyway, of course I am here today to show you all the decorations and treats we put together! It’s basically a compilation of last minute projects and speedy sweets in case your party prep is a little behind schedule, as ours always is! Oh, and all the gold and shiny. *heart eyes emoji* (Cue the playlist.)

So food first? Obviously. (Yes, I just answered my own question. That is just how passionate I am about it.)

We used my cake mix cookies recipe in chocolate cake and white cake with mini chocolate chips! And to get fancy (we had to), food dye, gold sprinkles, and this super nifty food-safe Color Mist in gold!

Next up was pumpkin dip, which is basically light, fluffy pumpkin pie filling that is a) perfect for graham crackers and b) seriously addicting. We adapted this recipe by using ½ can (15 oz) pumpkin pie mix (instead of regular canned pumpkin and the spices), 16 oz cool whip, and 1 package vanilla pudding mix! Just mix it all together (and you know that it’s the best of both worlds… childhood.)

And then they were these yummy little cinnamon sugar bites resultant of my failures in the kitchen. I will be sharing the (insanely easy) recipe for those soon!

Last but not least, the amazing Elfin Cheesecake, which was sadly consumed before I could photograph it. Not to worry though, our cake decorating kind of failed anyway, so you aren’t at too much of a loss! (But seriously, make this.)

Okay, okay so now décor! Our key players were a bag of plastic bones spray-painted gold (this paint), my mini Cinderella pumpkins, cheap purple tablecloths, black lace and all manner of nonsensical glass bottles and pretty, creepy goblets. And then I threw flowers and confetti everywhere (basically my life), and Sam made the super cute Wi-Fi password signs! So here is a deluge of photos of all that:

I hope it’s not too late to for you to throw together some fun Halloween décor! Let me know how you have been or will be decorating this year!

Stay lovely, 

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